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401 23rd Street, Suite 207

Glenwood Springs, Colorado, 81601 United States

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How I work with Clients

Our philosophy is centered on incredible care. Compassion for every one of our patients leads each interaction and appointment.

Treatment Approach

Our vision is one of full comfort and healing for those who struggle with treatment-resistant conditions, with no one left hurting or without hope.

Client Reviews

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  • Dianna

    I went to Apex for pain management. I found both nurse Paula and Dr. Young to be very thorough and very kind. They both went out of their way to ensure my comfort during the intense procedure. It has been more than 25 years of living with chronic pain, and I finally feel some relief. Paula and Dr. Young did excellent pre and post procedure counseling, check in with me after each infusion, gave me resources and suggestions to help me on my path to living pain free.

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