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At Blue Sky Ketamine, We Try to Minimize the “Medicalization” of the Ketamine Treatment Session


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6 Reviews on “At Blue Sky Ketamine, We Try to Minimize the “Medicalization” of the Ketamine Treatment Session”

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  • Spencer Wright

    Blue Sky has been a godsend. Dr. Rosen has been extremely helpful in helping me to deal with my chronic medication-resistant depression. The treatment methodology was well explained and the attention to my needs was amazing. Follow-through by the office was especially welcome as it shows their care for patients.

  • Ardis Burst

    I first had a major depressive episode when I was 7. Over 2000 psychotherapy sessions later, I added antidepressants which helped me cope. But Ketamine is what finally enabled me to live a depression-free life most of the time. Blue Sky is very trustworthy and has enabled me to take advantage of this treatment safely and without stress and worry.

  • Jeremy Lydon

    All I can say is that Dr. Rosen is by far one of the smartest and compassionate people you’ll most likely ever deal with. I felt completely cared for and safe in every way. I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Sky Ketamine for anyone out there in need of treatment. So glad I found them.

  • Tom Rees

    I have struggled with clinical depression for a number of years, but rather than seek some cocktail of prescription meds when Covid tanked me – this time I decided to try Ketamine. I researched the drug thoroughly, but the idea of a hallucinogen still made me nervous. After spending time with Dr. David Rosen at his Blue Sky clinic, I felt immediately at ease. His level of knowledge and professionalism created a totally safe atmosphere, and I proceeded with my first infusion. I was pleasantly shocked that such a complete difference in my mood resulted pretty much immediately inside of 24 hours. I followed up with 2 more sessions, and have returned several times as needed during this crazy Covid isolation period, each time with excellent results. If depression creeps in now and then I can return and I view the therapy as a means of a ‘total reset’ related to my mood and outlook. The safe, easy atmosphere and Dr. Rosen’s degree of understanding and knowing how much he genuinely cares about his patients makes all the difference in the world and has changed my life.

  • Jeff McBrayer

    Dr. Rosen is THE BEST!!! Dr. Rosen has been treating my daughter for over 3 years, and quite literally saved her life. There can’t really be a better recommendation than that ❤️❤️❤️
    Dr. Rosen is also an Emergency Room Physician. His skills / training are unparalleled.
    I will be happy to answer questions privately if you have any…..

  • Cat Brown

    My experience with Blue Sky Ketamine has been amazing. I came because of anxiety that I have suffered with for years. The knowledge and caring Dr. Rosen brings are so important given the nature of the ketamine experience. He is supportive and I have always felt safe. The office is comfortable, homey and professional, parking is easy, which is always a plus. Because scheduling is done directly, it is personalized to your specific needs. I would highly recommend Blue Sky Ketamine

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