At Indy Vital, We Designed a Program That Uses Intravenous Ketamine To Revive, Restore, and Revitalize Individuals


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6 Reviews on “At Indy Vital, We Designed a Program That Uses Intravenous Ketamine To Revive, Restore, and Revitalize Individuals”

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  • Ryan P

    Dr. Cris Vieira is what all doctors should strive to be. His mission is to help people that have not been helped by traditional Western medicine. Unfortunately, this is a growing number of people, but he has many cutting-edge modalities to help not only with symptoms, but more importantly, root causes.

    From the time your first meet him, you feel as though you are equals in the healing process. He is very personable and understands that healing is a collaborative effort. He sets the bar high for bedside manner combined with expertise (a rare combination).

    Many of his treatments have applications toward mental and cognitive health. This is an area that desperately needs attention, and Dr. Cris is on the front lines in making a difference.

  • Steven Matteson

    Great visit with Dr. Viera. Very thorough with excellent communication and options to consider!

  • Dentalspa Indy

    Dr. Vieira is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. If you are in pain or healing from an injury….he is THE doc for you. Thanks for all of your amazing care

  • Michelle Havlin

    Would recommend this facility to anyone. This was my first time and I will not look any further. This facility was rated with 5 stars and that is why I choose it over the other facilities like this in the area. They lived up to that rating. Very attentive staff and felt like I was listened to and was helped according to my needs. They facility was very clean and have state of the art therapy equipment.

  • Michael Johnson

    Great facility!..Dr Vieira is very attentive to any health problems/needs you have. Very clean place.There’s not a health question that he doesn’t have an answer for. Very pleased with the customer service & my results

  • Caitlin Dilloway

    I have only just gotten home from my treatment but my caregiver was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. I hope to see results after 1 visit, and if so, will reschedule future sessions. They have so many options for health and wellness here

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