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Austin Ketamine Clinic: Your Journey To Wellness


Austin Ketamine Clinic

2525 Wallingwood Dr. Building Eleven

Austin, Texas, 78746 United States

Website: austinketamineclinic.com

Appointments: In Person Online

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$425.00 - $2400.00

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Client Reviews

24 Reviews on “Austin Ketamine Clinic: Your Journey To Wellness”

Overall rating
  • Leah Huddleston

    This place is awesome! I found the staff to be compassionate, hospitable and professional. The atmosphere in the treatment rooms was very relaxing. The films available for viewing while going through the infusion were just stellar. They made all the difference for me. The treatments are life changing! I wish I could have gone through these treatments 20+ years ago! Don’t waste another minute of your life! Ketamine is absolutely worth your time and money!

  • Glenn Kirchner

    If you are struggling with panic attacks, anxiety, or depression, and are feeling hopeless, please give ketamine treatment a try. It pulled me out of a pit I had been stuck in for years, that no medication or therapy could lift me out of. I also wish I could give Austin Ketamine Clinic more stars. The team is solid, knowledgeable, kind, and very understanding. The place feels like a lodge, and I relax as soon as I walk in. It’s not at all uncomfortable or scary like a doctor’s office. The entire experience has been life changing, and I strongly recommend it. I am finally enjoying life again.

  • Michele B.

    Lisa and John take the time and such good care to meet my needs. I was in a pretty bad place when I turned to them. They answered all my questions, walked me through the process, and followed up. I can’t recommend them enough. Every staff member I’ve come in contact with there has been great.

  • Darryl Ford

    Great clinic!

    First, the scheduling: it was easy to work with Lisa on getting my paperwork done and my first session scheduled

    The customer service is top notch. Everyone is exceptionally friendly and wanting to help. I was very welcome coming in the door

    The appointment went really well. A cozy room and very knowledgeable staff assisted the whole way. A big step up from the clinic I previously used

    No complaints of any kind. They are the best around

  • Rachel Richardson

    Literally saved my life. Can’t recommend them enough if you are considering ketamine infusions in the area, even if it’s a bit farther for you to go because they’re just that good.

    Everyone at the clinic is very professional but still caring and warm. They made me feel very comfortable my first infusion, answering every question I had beforehand, and making sure to give me enough information so that I was as ready as possible. The medical staff who stay with you during your infusion are skilled and knowledgeable, professional and helpful, yet give you the space you need to be completely focused on the experience. The rooms are comfortable and private, and they’ve really put a lot of thought into making sure you are as comfortable as possible during the whole process. They actually listen to your concerns and adjust the treatment plan for your needs – they worked with me to find the right dose and frequency to start (despite my own schedule being difficult, it was NOT problem for them to help me find times that worked) and continue to work with me to make adjustments as needed. The entire experience from A-Z has left me feeling like the team really cares about my well-being and experience while I’m in their care, and I have the utmost trust in them, which should be one of the most important factors when choosing a clinic for something like ketamine treatments.

  • M Luna

    I highly recommend this clinic for anyone seeking help with starting ketamine therapy. The staff are all so friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. These are people who truly want to help you feel better. The clinic itself is in a tranquil area, quiet and away from loud roads etc. The setting is well kept, clean, and relaxing. They provide everything you need to have a wonderful experience. I really couldn’t recommend Austin Ketamine Clinic enough.

    P.S. First infusion? Ask for the “Turtle Paradise” video. You’re welcome.

  • Larry Leibrock

    This is my second personal posting concerning the intrinsic value of my series of treatments at Austin ketamine Clinic. By any measure, these were highly successful. I have had repeated combat tours and have both PTSD and traumatic brain injury from both Iraq and Afghanistan. VA therapy and prescriptions were simply ineffective. I then researched the efficacy of ketamine therapy. I chose Austin Ketamine Clinic about discussion with the clinical team. I made the right choice. The Austin-based care giving team is extraordinarily skilled and expert at helping me clarifying my goals and insights in development of my care plan.

    They offer a safe place to deal with PTSD and TBI issues. The Ketamine and talk therapy was valuable and empowering in my life journey. I would recommend that all military veterans consider making use of this excellent team. It is such a rare opportunity that this excellent team provides such excellent services. I can not recommend this Austin Ketamine Clinic with higher accolades.

    This care team is simply best in class. I recommend military veterans and our first responders considering making an appointment.

  • Malena Manning

    Cannot recommend AKC enough! The staff are so knowledgeable and welcoming. I, a very anxious person, felt safe and well taken care of during every infusion. These people genuinely care! I’ve tried dozens of medications, therapies, etc. but my experience at AKC was unlike anything else. I went from not being able to get out of bed or shower or participate in life at all to being a functional member of society (and with a smile on my face). AKC saved my life. And I am forever grateful!

  • April Balcombe

    This is the best ketamine clinic in Austin. Lisa and Jon (owners) are extremely knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, friendly and understanding. They know how to start an IV without me walking out with punctures all over my arm. They are seamless with this process. That is extremely Important to me because my veins have been known to cause a lot of healthcare workers issues.
    Their office is phenomenal. They have a projector instead of a TV (like the other clinics I have gone to) so while the infusion is occurring, being able to watch a nature show is amazing as it’s projected and really lets you have the experience you need to have to heal.
    I have been getting ketamine infusions for a while

  • Daniel Ellis

    I called multiple clinics around Austin. I had done weeks of research on the drug and process and neurological effects and process and pretended to be ignorant of everything because I want to be sure when trusting someone with my MY BRAIN.
    Group 1:(all 3 clinics I called including transcend) – all were able to tell me what I was able to discover on my own in three weeks with relative accuracy.
    Grout 2: THIS CLINIC ONLY: told me everything I knew with 100% accuracy and SO MUCH MORE. FOUR OR FIVE TIMES THE KNOWLEDGE I didn’t even know was out there. I spoke with one of the two owners as they are more local and personal, and she described everything in such fine detail with the most welcome-ing attitude.
    Final cool point: I’m a veteran and not only are they giving a veteran discount but they are planning to start a non-profit division to try and provide severely discounted rates to veterans.
    It was cool how excited the owner was to talk about it haha. Awesome place.

  • Nick W.

    I’m truly grateful to Jon and Lisa for what they do. The infusions have had a profound effect on my day to day quality of life and the environment of the clinic is warm, friendly, and safe. I’ve always felt like Jon and Lisa personally cared about my well being and above all are good, trustworthy people.

  • Bradley Johnson

    At 40 years old, I’ve collected some bad deals, bad relationships, and some persistent anxieties (faulty lessons and paper tigers). They have been STEALING richness from my life experience.
    I’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and resources trying to cleanse the mind of these bad memories/traumas.

    …maybe ketamine will help…
    BEST money spent on mind therapy. Without question.
    Ketamine gave me a perspective to view those memories and persistent negative thoughts WITHOUT ALL OF THE EMOTIONS bundled with.

    I was able to extract a better lesson from those memories/traumas and honestly let them go (and loosen the grip of other more persistent ones).
    They do not hijack my focus or serenity nearly as much (maybe a 60% reduction in occurrence).

    The professional staff, and clean + comfortable setting allowed me trust, and go FULLY into the experience.

    Very Effective
    Very Happy with the experience at Austin Ketamine Clinic.

    THANK YOU Lisa and Jon.
    Also, the medics/guides!
    I rate AKC all the stars of The Little Dipper.

  • Siji Davila

    Amazing people and environment. They made me feel comfortable in a setting I never thought I would be able to. They are part of healing process

  • Sarah Ragsdale

    I’m so grateful I found Austin Ketamine Clinic and was able to do ketamine therapy. Absolutely life changing and I cannot thankful Lisa, John and Charlotte enough. Very professional, caring and warm environment and overall good vibes.

  • Steven Slavin

    I’m extremely thankful that I found Austin Ketamine Clinic. I have hope for my health and future for the first time in a long time. They have a very compassionate and caring team. Can’t thank them enough for the Work they are doing.

  • Mishele W.

    Apologies in advance for the long post.I wanted to wait a few weeks until I wrote this review, so that I could give a REAL and valid update of my experience. I recently finished a round of infusions here at AKC — 9 infusions over 4 weeks. First let me say that I have tried over 10 different SSRI/NDRI’s over the last 20+ years, talk therapy, cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, wellness centers, etc. Nothing has helped me get my severe “treatment resistant” depression in check. NOTHING. I was so exhausted from trying something new and it not working. I had pretty much given up any hope that I’d be able to lead a “normal” life. Then a dear friend of mine told me that she had done ketamine infusion therapy and that it changed her life. She is in the same boat as me, except she also suffers from anxiety. I do not. I knew that this type of therapy was going to be expensive as insurance does not cover it. But I knew that it could be the most important investment I would make in my life. And it WAS. These infusions changed my life! They legit SAVED my life. I honestly had very little hope going into this, but I came out a changed person who got her life back. I now know what it feels like to live a normal life. I am super happy, the dark cloud that had been following me around is gone, the sky is bluer, the grass is greener and I have so much gratitude now. I have gone from a negative Nancy to a positive, grateful, blessed person. I was shocked at how quickly this treatment worked. It did take me until around my 4th infusion to finally feel the effects, so I extended my treatment by 3 more sessions. So glad I did. This has literally been the best thing I could have ever done for myself — and Austin Ketamine Clinic was the best place I could have ever chosen. I felt so SAFE here. I was uncertain of what to expect, but Jon and Lisa took such good care of me. The scheduling was super easy to set up with Lisa, the EMT’s that stayed with me during my infusions were awesome and the ambiance of this place is everything. I felt so comfortable here and actually looked forward to my treatments. They NEVER rushed me out the door when my treatment was over – in fact, they sat with me and talked to me as long as I wanted to. Plus they have the best rates of everyone I researched. Do yourself a favor, if you are in the Austin area and are looking to try this treatment, go to Austin Ketamine Clinic. Hands down the BEST! Can’t wait to see them again for my maintenance sessions over the next year or so.

  • Lauren Bradshaw

    THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Lisa and Jon saved my life! Before austin ketamine clinic, my depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD crippled my life. No pill helped. During and after my Ketamine treatments, it was as though the biggest load had been lifted. I am eager to face my days without worry or fear! Love, love, love this place! EVERYONE needs this therapy!

  • Cotesworth

    The energy and care these people bring to their work is incredible! One is guaranteed to get the most out of their treatments here, for me they were life changing.

  • Cosmic Cowgirl

    Ketamine changed my life, yes, but I needed Lisa and Jon to put me on the path of Ketamine—I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my journey. They are so very caring and knowledgable.
    The “clinic” is homey and comforting, exactly everything you could want or need during your session. Lisa and Jon have put so much care into their place and space and you feel it.
    Thank you both for everything!

  • M.A.

    Jon and Lisa are great! They are passionate about the work they do, and seem to genuinely care about helping me and their other patients. They are very well qualified to administer Ketamine treatment.

    We talk for +/- 15 minutes both before and after my infusions, longer sometimes. I have yet to feel as if they are rushing me out the door. They don’t seem bothered by my many questions, or talking over my experiences during infusion. During the infusion, Jon seems well focused on my treatment and not preoccupied or distracted with other things.

    The environment they’ve created feels more like I’m walking into someone’s professional home office than a doctor’s office. Comfortable both mentally and physically (nice comfy recliners).

    The long and short of it is that Jon and Lisa have created a Ketamine clinic that feels more oriented to their patients, instead of just their patients’ wallets. They definitely strive for quality of treatment, not volume of patients. Treatment is significantly cheaper than other providers, and the care is significantly more patient based.

    I had my first Ketamine Infusion at a different provider in Austin. I’m grateful that my therapist convinced me to cancel my appointments with the other clinic, and instead schedule with Austin Ketamine Clinic.

    The provider I originally chose seemed to care most about swiping my credit card. I realized early into my first appointment with them that they only provided the chemical. The only interest they showed about my experience, was to determine if they should increase my dose next time. They offered no real feedback on my experiences during the infusion, and it felt like they wanted me out the door so they could begin with the other guy who was waiting in the lobby when I came out.

    I don’t leave many reviews, but the differences I noticed between Austin Ketamine Clinic and other providers in Austin warranted sharing my experiences.

  • Beltalowda

    You’ll find respect, peace and healing here. The people running this place really care about their patients and it shows. The clinic is very cozy and feels like being safe at home, something that really can’t be said for the other clinics I’ve visited that have a more medical/lab vibe to them.

    This clinic also has some of the most up to date and unobtrusive medical monitoring equipment I’ve seen. Other clinics have loud air compressors, beeping monitors, and other distractions that detract from the treatment’s efficacy, but this clinic seems to have taken lessons learned and put them into use for the betterment of their patients.

    So many times I’ve come to Jon and Lisa with my “backpack of sh*t” filled to the brim and walked away unburdened with a fresh, clear perspective.

    I cannot recommend their care highly enough. Best healers in Austin!

  • John P.

    Lisa and Jon have created an environment at the new Austin Ketamine Clinic that makes you feel safe and comfortable. And this is very important when you’re seeking treatment for PTSD, anxiety and depression.

    They are professionals who know how to make the ketamine experience most beneficial for their patients. They take time to listen to you, and you never feel rushed. Lisa and Jon both truly care for their patients and their upmost goal is to help their patients feel better.

    The clinic utilizes the latest technology to help insure safety. From the moment you walk in the door you know you’re in a good place.

    After receiving treatments at several ketamine clinics in the Austin area, the Austin Ketamine Clinic is my clear number one choice.

    Ketamine infusions have helped me to better manage my conditions. I’m grateful to Lisa and Jon for creating such a beautiful place for healing.

  • D.C.

    Kind and caring professionals that have helped me so much dealing with anxiety and depression. So happy I found them.

  • Christina Houser

    I have received AKC(Austin Ketamine Clinic) infusions regularly for the last three years for chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety and depression. I began my treatment journey at a prominent clinic in 2017, , and then was so impacted and inspired by my treatment(NOT their administration structure) that I became patient care coordinator at a different clinic that opened a year ago. I left that second clinic a months ago for a myriad of reasons, and transitioned my care to Austin Ketamine Clinic as soon as it opened. This clinic was founded by two practitioners that I have received OUTSTANDING care from ever since the first clinic I went to, and have earned my trust on an intimate level.

    First and foremost, infusion therapy can be and is life-changing for anyone suffering from mental health or pain afflictions. However, this not being a cheap treatment, it is CRUCIAL to research and feel comfortable with those that you entrust your infusion therapy with. I used to believe that the clinic I worked at had the highest level of care and best intention for their patients. However, after almost a year of working there, I sadly realized that apart from a select few of infusionists and daily clinicians, the overall intentions of those who opened the clinic were not nearly as benevolent and transparent as they claimed to be. The first two clinics I worked with no longer have any direct connection between the founding practitioners and the patients, as opposed to AKC, which is so important to feel you have access to, as a patient. That is my own personal experience, and I certainly cannot speak for others directly.

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