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Aaron Paul Orsini (He - Him)

Psychedelic Autism Educator & Support Provider


Aaron Orsini


Portland, Oregon, 97035 United States

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Experience: March 2020 - Present Co-Founder & Peer Support Director (Remote) Write about and present keynotes on benefits and challenges of psychedelic use in autistic populations Authored and compiled three published books on psychedelics and autism Currently co-authoring qualitative survey research with academic partners January 2023 - Present Research & Training Contributor, (Remote) Co-develop educational content for online course "Introduction to Psychedelic Autism" Created lectures, slides, reading lists, and discussion topics January 2023 - Present Psilocybin Facilitation Lecturer, Alma Institute Nonprofit (Portland, OR) Instructor for psilocybin facilitator training program compliant with Oregon Measure 109 January 2023 - Present Psilocybin Facilitation Lecturer, SoundMind Institute (Oregon, US) Instructor for psilocybin facilitator training program compliant with Oregon Measure 109 January 2023 - Present Psychedelic Neurodiversity Educator, Psychedelic Liberation Training (Remote) Lectured on neurodiversity-informed practices as part of 10-week online psychedelic training course July 2023 - Present Lecturer & Educational Content Contributor, Naropa University (Boulder, CO) Contributor sharing insights with students in 8-month psychedelic therapy certificate program December 2021 - Present Research Co-Author Collaborator to University College London (London, UK) Assist with writing and recruitment for survey exploring self-reported psychedelic use in autistic adults June 2021 – January 2022 JEDI Board Member, American Psychedelic Practioners Association (Remote) Assist with drafting standards of care to advise & inform emerging legal psychedelic service offerings

Other Affiliations

Published Books & Authorships: 2019: Autism On Acid: How LSD Helped Me Understand, Navigate, Alter and Appreciate My Autistic Perceptions 2021: Autistic Psychedelic: the Self-Reported Benefits and Challenges of Experiencing LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin and Other Psychedelics As Told by Neurodivergent Adults Navigating ADHD, Alexithymia, Anxiety, Asperger's, Autism, Depression, OCD, PTSD and Other Conditions 2022: Introduction to Psychedelic Autism: An Informative & Visually Accessible Handbook Exploring The Potential Benefits & Challenges Of Psychedelic Treatment Options For Individuals Navigating Autism 2023: Psychedelic Autism: An Informative & Visually Accessible Textbook Exploring Relevant Research, Statistics & Context That Psychedelic Therapists & Facilitators Should Understand When Supporting Autistic Individuals Lectures & Speaking Appearances: July 2023 - Imperial College London Psychedelic Research Centre June 2023 - MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference, Denver CO May 2022 - Oxford Psychedelic Student Association March 2021 - The Los Angeles Medicinal Psychedelics Society Symposium Press & Media Mentions: June 2023 - “The Battle for the Future of Psychedelics”, Rolling Stone Magazine June 2023 - “I Feel Love: MDMA & The Quest for Connection in a Fractured World” by Rachel Nuwer May 2023 - “The Revolutionary Ketamine” by Johnathan Edwards, MD January 2023 - “Autism on Acid and Psychedelic Symphonies”, Psychedelic Spotlight Podcast May 2022 - “Tripping Over the Potential of Psychedelics for Autism”, Spectrum News April 2022 - “The Microdose”, U.C. Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics January 2021 - MAYA Health Presents: The Psychedelic Therapy Podcast September 2020 - Psychedelic Medicine Association Presents: The Psychedelic Medicine Podcast

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