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  • Malik Saab

    The owner of this practice really cares about her patients. This is the kind of people we need in the medical field. These are the best types of people. They have a safe and smart approach and the prices seem very reasonable. Finally, the owner educated me on the process very well and even recommended me places closer to me so I don’t have to have someone drive me an hour and ten minutes back from her clinic every time. Great stuff

  • Jeff and Linda Rands

    Best decision I ever made after years of suffering with Chronic Pain and PTSD. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t say enough about the staff, the service, the environment, the professionalism…I could go on and on.

  • Tara Coates-Harman

    My 14-year-old daughter has been dealing with drug-resistant, chronic pain for years. After cancer treatment, she developed osteonecrosis in both of her kneecaps and eventually needed a wheelchair in most situations outside of our home. Her pain scale number was consistently at a 10 for years.

    Baltimore Ketamine Clinic’s, Calmare Scrambler Therapy provides a non-invasive, pain free, drug free treatment that works fast. After 10 treatments, over a 2-week time frame, Meghan’s pain level is now consistently a 5. The wheelchair is used much less. We plan to continue to the Scrambler therapy to see even better results.

    What adds to this experience is the owner, Ivana. I can’t express the gratitude I have for her. She works directly with her patients, is very knowledgeable, professional, follows up, and truly understands the importance of empathy.

  • Ca D

    Absolutely the best. They are extremely well trained and educated about the use of and the latest developments in Ketamine treatment. It’s very refreshing that Ivana is a clinician who elicits and then really listens to your thoughts and feelings about your response to treatment– both during and the time between boosters. To top it off, her rates were the most reasonable I found in my initial search of providers.

  • Robert Sturla

    Super kind people! They are truly interested in your well being and find ways to treat many types of issues. My feeling from the first treatment was positive. After 24 years on prescription medication, I didn’t know that it was possible to feel normal again, but I do. I had 6 treatments to start. I would recommend this treatment to all who suffer from depression and Bipolar issues. I’m sure other health issues will benefit from this process as well. It’s a very clean facility and private. Enjoy your new life!

  • John

    Baltimore Ketamine Clinic is run by really great people! They provide safe and effective services and treatments in an extremely clean professional atmosphere. They truly do care and it shows everytime I’m there. Your well being is their priority. I highly recommend Baltimore Ketamine Clinic. Thank you for your help!

  • Chris Walden

    Caring and experienced staff. I would highly recommended Ivana and her team. Call them today and get your questions answered. They are doing great work in the community.

  • Carolyn Shaffer

    I am very impressed with the passion for helping me and people like me with CRPS. My husband and I were comfortable and I felt safe in what was a scary situation. I have a lot anxiety and appreciate everything about the Baltimore Ketamine Clinic

  • J Burd

    Incredible staff was there to guide me through every step of the process. If you are serious about making a big difference in your life then I highly recommend giving the Clinic a call!!!

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