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  • Krishna Trevor Oswalt

    The group sessions with Marisa have been very profound, professional and amazing. Highly recommend. Doing a series and building on experiences really helps.

  • Darin Morrison

    I have been going to the clinic for treatments for about 6 months and it has changed my life. I have had positive experiences with infusions from Nykol, Sarah, Jeremy and from the group sessions with Marisa. Nykol and the rest of the staff really seem to care about patients having a positive experience and effective treatment outcome. Highly recommended.

  • Jackrabbit

    Love this Clinic!! So professional, comfortable and competent. Great experience and felt so comfortable and reassured with the extensive knowledge and experience that Nykol Rice has obtained and exhibits in this field. They are the most experienced providers for Ketamine treatments in the entire State of Idaho. Thanks so much Boise Ketamine Clinic!!

  • Scott Goolsby

    I would heartily recommend Boise Ketamine Clinic to anyone looking for Ketamine Infusion Therapy to treat depression. It is clear that Nykol, the owner, has found her passion and calling. She is very easy to communicate with. She is caring, compassionate, and extremely professional. So far ( a week on) my results have been great, I haven’t had depression, and I look forward to working with Nykol in managing my depression in the future. She wholeheartedly cares for her patients and does an outstanding job at connecting with their needs as people who need to be healed.

  • Anne Wylie

    I highly recommend going to Boise Ketamine for treatments. Nykol is very knowledgeable, kind, and offers excellent patient care. I’ve been receiving the treatments for about 6 months now and I can honestly say it has helped my mental health overall. Looking back, it’s hard for me to remember how I felt when I would have my “ bad days.” Even my family and friends have noticed a difference in my attitude and actions.

    The fact that Nykol was the one who performed my treatments really made a difference. You can really see she wants you to have a good experience and get better overall.

    Thank you so much Nykol!

  • dude duderster

    From first walking into BKC to walking out my experience was nothing short of amazing. The professional office environment, and the warm and caring conduct provided in these treatments while being administered provided a sense of peace, safety, and wellbeing. The professionalism felt from office environment and provider competence promoted a very optimistic outcome, and sense of control.

  • Hannah Bailey

    The environment at Boise Ketamine Clinic is extremely professional and welcoming. Nykol has done a magnificent job at creating a safe space for clients and as she is a board certified CRNA with extensive experience. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

  • Jackson

    Best Ketamine Clinic in Idaho. Most experienced staff in Idaho. Don’t go anywhere else!

  • HoneyBool

    Best clinic for Ketamine treatments in the West. Very knowledgable staff! Highly recommend!!

  • mitch bailey

    So grateful to have gone to this clinic. Nykol has a level of knowledge and professionalism rarely seen! BKC is the first Ketamine clinic in Idaho with the most experience staff. Will continue to get treatments and recommend this clinic to everyone I know. Thanks BKC!!

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