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  • Becky Rose

    I’ve had my 4th treatment. 2 more to go. These guys are the real deal. They care!! They call afterwords to see how you are. They are there the whole time. Your blood pressure it taken 3 to 4 times during the session. But here’s the good news. It’s working and I’m doing so much better!

  • Lisa Hudson-Beale

    Dr. Melbihess was so kind! He researched my daughter’s diagnosis and was very open to listening to me and trying different ways to help. I would highly recommend his service to those who are suffering!

  • Lynn Rogers

    I have suffered from chronic major depression, PTSD, anxiety and suicidality for years. With a long history of failed treatment this was a last resort for me, I was on the verge… I did the full protocol but after the first treatment I walked out feeling so much better. What is special about this center are the people. They care deeply about their clients, continue to follow-up and are invested in me and my outcome. I went from 52 on the Beck scale to 12 in 8 days – AMAZING! I feel great. I have been weaning off my medication and the results are holding. I am functioning great. I am sleeping great. I am clear. Best of all I am happy and at peace. I wish I had known about Boise Ketamine Institute sooner, it has made all the difference. If you’re not sure or if things are really bad, please go… you won’t regret it!!!

  • Steve Busch

    The doctors and staff are amazing. They take the time to personalize your treatment for optimal results.
    If you are considering ketamine treatment, please contact Boise Ketamine Institute, it will change your life.

  • Belle

    I have been suffering from chronic pain for 5 years. I am a very busy 43 year old mother of six. I have small fiber neuropathy in both feet and lower legs. It has been very painful for me to stand or walk. It interferes with every aspect of my life. I work as a CNA and some days I can walk up to 8 miles and every step is painful. I had to give up playing soccer and then running and then hiking and then struggled to do much out side of work at all. I had exhausted my resources here in Boise while searching for the answer to why I have neuropathy. I’ve seen all the doctors. I’ve had all the test done , tons of bloodwork, MRIs of my brain and my spine, biopsies of my nerves , I’ve taken all three nerve medications, anti-seizure medications. I’ve seen a chiropractor and acupuncturist and I’ve even had something done to my chakras and I don’t even know what that meant. I have used capsaicin creams and lidocaine cream. I take all the suggested supplements. I was given a referral to the Mayo Clinic at the end of last year. I spent over $11,000 and two weeks at the Mayo Clinic and even the experts from the Mayo Clinic were unable to give me answers or relief from my pain. I felt hopeless and depressed as if life was more trouble than it was worth, and resentful because I was obligated to live it. I had heard of the Boise Ketamine Institute and how it had helped other people but I was reluctant to try it because , well let’s face it, if the Mayo Clinic couldn’t help me then I really didn’t think anything could. Four months later I went in for my first infusion. Dr. Melbihess was very Knowledgeable. He answed all my questions and walked me through the whole process making me feel very comfortable. During the infusion I felt very relaxed and even fell asleep for a little bit. After the infusion I felt a little groggy. That night I had a great night sleep. When I woke up I remember reminding myself not to get my hopes up because I was still recovering from the devastating disappointment that followed my trip to the Mayo Clinic. When I stood up out of bed, for the first time in 5 years, I experienced absolutely no pain with standing so I walked around my bedroom and I couldn’t believe it so I had to test it so I walked up and down my stairs several times just sobbing. It’s been three weeks and the pain hasn’t returned. I’m able to do my grocery shopping after work. I’ve gone out to dinner with my kids. Work is gratifying. I walk away feeling full, not empty, if that makes sense. I’ve even started running again. This just might be the thing that gives me my life back, and it might be the thing that gives you yours back too.

    Oh, one more thing. I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of the Ketamine or from not being in pain any more but I just have this overwhelming sense of well-being. So there’s that.

  • Tim Meyer

    Very professional and I formative.

  • Brandon Line

    Dr. Cohen cares deeply about what he does and improving the lives of others.

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