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Cambridge Biotherapies

6 Bigelow St

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2139 United States

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7 Reviews on “Cambridge Biotherapies”

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  • Sam Walters

    Effective treatment, warm staff and a very relaxed, comforting environment. Everywhere else I’ve seen these treatments offered is far more cool and clinical. Not to say the providers have been uncaring, but they just haven’t put, or been free to put, the sort of thoughtfulness this practice has put into their setting. It truly contributes to the therapeutic effect, and I wish more practices would consider it this well!

  • Eugene Thompson

    Kind, welcoming and highly professional staff. Great offices. A positive experience in every way

  • Dmitri

    These folks are really friendly and knowledgeable. They’re even funny, and while that’s not a requirement it does serve as a mood pick-me-up.
    They made me feel right at home, explained the options (for TMS and Ketamine), and I enjoyed the whole experience more than I expected to. The office is warm and sort of cozy (all earth tones and wood, not some clinical hospital style thing), and conveniently right by the red line at Central Square.

  • David Foster

    I was a patient at Cambridge Ketamine and Cambridge TMS, which are both parts of Cambridge Biotherapies. The people in this organization went to great lengths to make me feel at ease, and walk me through every part of the process. Great people, great building – wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

  • AJ Stockard

    These folks are the best – kind, warm, and know exactly what they’re doing.

  • Tom Harrison

    Finally, treatments that work! And a warm and wonderful staff that make it easy.

  • Evan Brenner

    Outstanding facility with a dedicated, professional staff.

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