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  • Dave Marsh

    When my wife first contacted the office, there was a 12-week wait for the initial appointment. We followed up a couple of times to check on the status. Within 12 weeks, she had an appointment.
    The initial visit was great; she met with the PA and started down the path of figuring everything out. A DNA test was ordered and completed for the follow-up visit. On the day of her appointment, the office manager called and demanded full payment one hour before the visit. The payment demanded was ~$700 while our first visit was only $30 or $40. She stated there was an issue with the insurance, and the payment was mandatory before the visit. So this is where my wife got upset as there was no issue with the insurance. There was an issue with the office running the wrong insurance for the visit—nothing like the threat of canceling a psychiatry appointment one hour before due to a clerical error. Of course, this set off the patient (wife), and rightfully so if there was an error. Abby would not except the latest insurance card upon arrival, she continued to state the amount must be paid in full now or the appointment would be canceled. Once the mistake was realized, the office manager Abby decided she did not want my wife as a patient anymore instead of apologizing for the error. Instead, she issued a letter of termination of care on 3/9/21. The letter states that she can no longer be treated after 4/8/21 and only emergency visits before then. So my wife calls today, 3/16/21, of course, gets routed to Abby, and Abby refuses to abide by the letter’s terms. An emergency visit was requested multiple times and denied each time by Abby. While listening to the conversation, it was apparent Abby wanted nothing to do with my wife; her tone was incredibly condescending.
    To Abby, I understand you may not like a patient, and you have every right not to like everyone that walks in the door. But while managing a psychiatrist’s office, you should expect some level of anger when things don’t go right, especially when the error is from your office. Everyone makes mistakes; that’s how we grow as individuals, but you can’t grow if you ignore the mistake and use it as an opportunity to rid yourself of the problem. You, of all people, should understand how much work it takes to find a doctor and wait for months to see them.
    So the lesson here is while numerous people have stated the doctors are great, the front office is severely lacking. If the office manager cannot even abide by her own rules written out in a formal communication, what do you expect. Based on our experience, please spend your precious time searching for a psychiatrist office with a positive level of care from not only the doctors but the front office.
    To the doctors of Cantera Psychiatry, please review your standard of care with your staff. They are the first and last face anyone sees, and their lack of professionalism can be detrimental to your business. Not all patients are correct and can go off the rails. It is your front offices’ responsibility to understand why a simple error on their part can cause more long-term issues for patients seeking psychiatric help. The patients may not always be correct, but neither are your employees.

  • Cameron Decker

    I’ve had three psychiatrists before Dr. Hernandez, and yet she’s the first one who I know actually cares. She listens to what I have to say and validates my feelings and problems while also giving me concrete solutions. I feel totally comfortable with her since I became a patient a couple of years ago. I also love and appreciate the endless support she shows for the LGBT. It’s easy to be myself around her and not feel like a burden, which is something I’ve struggled with concerning past psychiatrists.
    Office staff is really helpful and friendly as well!

  • DJ Solis

    I have been coming here for years and originally started coming here because my previous doctor didn’t care about the side effects I was experiencing. I feel like my doctor really listens, cares and does what she can to make me feel heard and addresses any concerns I have with medications.

  • Kristy Anderson

    In October of 2020, I was referred to Cantera Psychiatry. The gentleman who answered the phone took my information and put me on a 12 week waiting list. He explained the procedure is to be on a waiting list and then get a call for an appointment to come in within the week. Meaning, a few days notice. My insurance, Tricare, secured the referral. I called many time to check on my status on the waitlist. It is near impossible to reach them through the phone promt of “new patient.” I left several messages and never received a call back.

    I was going to be treated with ketamine, but also needed my standard meds evaluated to see how I got to the point of needing ketamine. In the meantime, I knew I couldn’t wait 12 weeks, so I went to Kalypso Ketamine Wellness (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) in November and paid out of pocket for treatments. It worked wonderfully and I never knew I could feel like my old self again. We are military and to pay out of pocket hopefully explains my desperation. Again, I HIGHLY recommend KALYPSO Ketamine Wellness center.

    In January, I called and chose the prompt of “existing patient” and made it through to the gentleman from October. He said I was dropped from the waitlist because they weren’t doing ketamine and in clinic appointments. I explained I still needed a psychiatrist to evaluate my current meds. He said he would call me back after talking to the doctor.

    On January 7th, I spoke to the same gentleman. I now realized I needed to take detailed notes because I wasn’t getting anywhere and couldn’t understand why. He was apologetic and friendly because he had forgotten to call me back. He then informs me that to be seen, I need to go off all my meds. I said I would do that under the care of a psychiatrist, but not before I’m an established patient. He said he would call me back. He did not. Asking a patient in need of psychiatric care to go off of their medicine before being seen is dangerous.

    January 19th 2021, I called again, chose the prompt for existing patient, and got through to the same gentleman. I said, “I’m not trying to be rude, but you’ve said a few times you would call me back and I’ve never heard back.” I was put on hold.
    He then said that I “don’t qualify for ketamine and the doctor is only accepting patients for ketamine treatment.” However, they are currently not doing any ketamine treatments because of covid. Which means they aren’t accepting any new patients. I was told the practice will not see me and I needed to “look elsewhere.” When I asked to speak to the office manager who gave this instruction, I was told that she was not available, the doctor will not see me, and I need to look elsewhere. I asked to speak to the office manager again. I was told she was on the other line and not available, but that she would… (you got it) call me back.

  • April Burch

    I’ve been a patient of Dr Hernandez For over 2 years. She has always been thorough and given me the knowledge I lacked but needed to make the best decisions for my care. She always listens to my circumstances and evaluates accordingly. She’s strait forward, knowledgeable and cares. She works with me and does not push meds. With her recommendations and help I have been able to overcome and grow tremendously. The staff and office is always nice and accommodating also. I’m grateful for this Dr

  • Amber Perez

    I would not recommend Cantera Psychiatry to anyone. First if you ever want to call to make an appointment or pay bills or whatever be prepared to leave a voicemail. They NEVER pick up the phone. Then they call you the next day when you are at work and can’t answer. I initial was being treated for anxiety and depression by their nurse practitioner and built a relationship with her. Out of no where they changed my appointment to be with Dr. Sarah Hernandez without bothering to inform me. This is especially not okay because It takes time for someone with anxiety to build a relationship with people. My first time meeting with Dr. Hernandez she was cold and informal. I scheduled another appointment because I wanted to give it a chance. Definitely shouldn’t of. She proceed to schedule my next appointment 3months out, which is fine. But I had to then reschedule due getting a new job. I then ran out of my meds because of this reschedule. I called to see if I could get a two week supply so I can have it until my appointment. I was told no because of law. (However other places allow it) I later found out that it’s actually because she labeled me as an alcoholic, because apparently alcoholic now means you like to socially drink with friends. During my appointment yesterday Dr. Hernandez was already told that I would be switching places, so that made her especially bitter. First thing she says to me “what brings you in today” like um shouldn’t you know that??? She was rude. She fought me on the fact that it wasn’t okay for them to switch me without a call. (She said I must of slipped through the cracks, BS) This doctor doesn’t care about her patients she just cares about being right.

  • Sammie Vidal

    Honestly, I get that some people have one-star reviews here, but I have had nothing but positive experiences at this practice! It took about two weeks to get me in the first time, but they have been extremely accommodating when I have had emergencies, the front office and psychiatrists are kind, and the office itself is one of the most calming, accepting places I have found since I moved here. Cantera has given me the first signs of hope after almost 6 years, and I actually look forward to my appointments even though I am usually a quaking bundle of stress. I really can’t recommend this practice enough and I hope that the negative reviews don’t dissuade people seeking help from giving it a try.

  • John Dawson

    I met your associate Chad at a chamber dinner I was attending. He referred me to your clinic for Spravato treatments. I look forward to speaking with you more soon! Happy Holidays !

  • Neveah Hernandes

    Although it took a few calls to get an appointment, I see why. The standards of care at this facility are great. I enjoyed my treatment and interactions with the employees at this office.

  • Lindsey wright

    I appreciate all that you do here. I have had positive experiences and would recommend this office to anyone looking for professional care.

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