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Certified Addiction Counselor & Certified Recovery & Integration Coach


Becca Evans


4230 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego, California, 92105 United States

Treatment Approach

Mycophoria offers harm reduction education for safe use of psilocybin, integration coaching and circle facilitation, one-on-one counseling, and trip-sitting support to assist in personal growth, transformation and healing.

Education -
I facilitate psychedelic harm reduction educational classes on a monthly basis. I am also available for individual consultations at $100/hour. Topics covered include: how psilocybin effects the brain, dosing (micro, moderate or macro), preparation for the altered state, ingestion, other beneficial mushrooms, and integration advice. The classes are interactive in nature and build community by providing education for both newcomers and experienced journeyers alike.

Integration -
I offer FREE bi-weekly in-person outdoor integration support circles, alternating with a close friend and colleague in San Diego, CA!

Additionally, I offer one on one Psychedelic Integration coaching and Transformational Addiction Recovery counseling (in the state of California) to assist in the following areas: preparing for expanded states of consciousness; setting intentions; unpacking psychedelic experiences and assisting in making shifts in daily life after a ceremony or experience; assisting in making sense of a challenging or traumatic psychedelic experience; setting achievable goals; becoming mindful of habits and addictive patterns; taking steps to shift these patterns in a personalized way; and cultivating self-love and connection to help the healing and transformational process flourish.

Support -
I humbly offer trip-sitting services to ensure a safe and supported solo journey into expanded states of consciousness, which entail: being a calm, loving presence as a container for safe, healing journeys; assisting with setting ceremonial intention; being a “sober” presence to help you obtain anything you need during your journey; and ensuring a safe return to waking consciousness. I do not provide any controlled substances, and offer this service for harm reduction and support of people’s freedom to choose safe healing modalities. Please be familiar with the laws in your area, and be aware of the legal risks. I conduct a thorough screening to ensure I am the appropriate fit for your intentions, review the potential risks involved, and have many referrals available if your needs exceed my qualifications and experience. I am trained in CPR, crisis management, and am always learning from experienced mentors around safe and supportive ceremonial facilitation.

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