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  • Debbie Wilkins

    I had the pleasure of meeting Krista and her staff recently for the vitamin drip of Myers Cocktail. It is such a nice relaxing environment. The treatment was good and no problems at all with the IV.
    I would definitely seek them out if you or anyone you know have any issues that they advertise, as I’m confident that they can help you out.
    I will be returning for more vitamin IV to help to me with my energy and overall health

  • Fz09er

    Not enough can be said about the staff. Especially Christa. Every session I’m made to be felt welcome and comfortable. The environment is calming and very clean. As far as the therapy goes you have to find out for yourself!

  • Max Vernon

    came to get my booster infusion while in town from New York and had a great experience. Christa is very caring and compassionate and the facility is calming and classy.

  • CRPS

    I was driving down the road when I saw the sign for Complete Ketamine. I gave the number a call and was skeptical that they could help me. I have a rare illness called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD). It is rated on the pain scale over Cancer or Amputation. CRPS is not widely known or understood by many physicians, clinicians or the community. Nor are there treatments that have been approved by the FDA and /or available to patients for various reasons.

    When I left a message I got a call back right away on a Sunday. That blew me away! How many businesses call you back right away or on Sunday? I had lots of questions about their procedures and deliverance on Ketamine use. Let alone how knowledgeable they were on CRPS. I was surprised to find out that they have dealt with other patients with CRPS and Ketamine. The Doctor and the Head Nurse made me feel comfortable and listened to my concerns attentively.

    I set up an appointment to go through the treatment. A nurse stayed right by my side throughout the treatment. I felt safe going through this with them and would recommend this treatment to help others in need
    Complete Ketamine stepped into my life and has given me an opportunity to have a semi-normal life again: A life that I was ready to give up on. One that I expected to live my life out bedridden with no HOPE nor future ahead of me.

    I believe God led me to find the sign, literally. When I called to learn more I expected the door to close. But, no! That was not the case. They spoke with me and were understanding and even listened. I was not use that. I am use to doctors telling me that they can’t help me. That I am too complex for them to handle my case.

    If you are looking for someone to listen and really listen. They are the ones! They were there for me from start to finish. They helped me to achieve my goal towards having some type of life. To live. To put a smile on my face again. That I am able to do more for myself than I have done in years. I am looking towards the future. Towards achieving my goals of even helping others.

    I know that they can not cure my illness, It is rare, painful, and not well understood. Research has not provided many answers. But, with Ketamine therapy, they can help me to help myself more. Thank you for helping me have a more productive and positive life. One I can truly say that I did it!

    There are some kinks that need to be worked out. But with any new business there are always improvements to be made. I know that they are committed to improving as they move forward to make it a safe and rewarding experience for the patients. They are dedicated to helping the patient achieve their goals and to improve their lives. Whatever their needs may be.

    Their not just interested in the patient getting care. Their interested in the long term effects. How Ketamine helps the patient even after the treatment.

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