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Complete Ketamine Solutions Tampa

3450 E Fletcher Ave

University, Florida, 33613 United States

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How Complete Ketamine Solutions Tampa work with Clients

One of our experienced providers will administer a series of infusions (6) over a period of roughly two weeks. While receiving your infusions in our Tampa location, you will relax in a comfortable reclining chair as we administer your treatment. Some patients may experience mild side-effects such as an out-of-body sensation, a feeling of floating, or a temporary decrease in perception of reality and time, but these sensations will subside as soon as each treatment is completed. After each infusion, you should rest until any possible side effects have worn off. We always suggest coming with a family member or friend to drive you home as you continue to relax.

You may start to notice dramatic changes in your mood after your third or fourth infusion. There should be significant improvement following your series of six infusions with an occasional follow-up to monitor progress.

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