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  • OH

    Before I started working with Robert, I’d done nearly a decade of talk therapy and had tried a dozen-plus psychiatric medications, and while some of it was useful at times, the truth is, it hadn’t left me feeling much better, and definitely not “good.” Depression, anxiety, depersonalization, OCD tendencies, and suicidal ideation were mainstays (and not unexpected, given a childhood of religious trauma and emotionally unavailable parents).

    Then, in July 2020, my psychiatrist, seeing that I wasn’t getting anywhere with his help, kindly referred me to Robert. Now, after 9 months of work with Robert, I can truly say I feel better than I ever have as an adult (I’m 40). Robert will be the first to tell you that the work isn’t a silver bullet, but my depression is mostly gone, my anxiety is manageable, and, crucially, I feel grounded in my body for the first time. My wife says the difference between me before working with Robert and me after is “night and day.”

    In the course of less than a year, my sessions with Robert have gone from being centered on my depression and feelings of meaninglessness to, now, how to navigate incredible new career opportunities that have begun to present themselves.

    As a therapist, Robert is highly professional, practical, warm, insightful, and funny; my only regret is not working with him sooner.

  • MP

    After years of self-development, spiritual work, therapy and significant personal and spiritual growth, I found myself stuck in a mental loop of feeling lost and not knowing where my next steps would be. Until I discovered Robert.

    Working with Robert in his psychedelic preparation and integration therapy is one of the greatest gifts that I gave myself in the last few years.
    The preparation work allowed me to get more clear about my intentions; while the integration revealed new areas for growth and expansion for me.

    I highly recommend Robert for his work. He is insightful, compassionate, straight to the point, a multi-faceted healer, a wonderful human being and an excellent therapist.

    1. Robert Szczepanski Listing Owner

      Thank you, MP… it’s a total pleasure to know you and work with you! Grateful for your trust, commitment and transparency.

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