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Dedicated to Providing the Highest Level of Comfort, Care, and Safety to Patients Seeking Treatment


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4 Reviews on “Dedicated to Providing the Highest Level of Comfort, Care, and Safety to Patients Seeking Treatment”

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  • Lori Cohen

    This was my first and only time experiencing Ketamine, and I feel extremely blessed that it was under the guidance and support of such a competent, caring and knowledgable team. I felt I could walk in confidently, trust fully and let go to my own healing. I feel fortunate that I am not dealing with any severe mental or physical health ailments at the moment, though during a time of incredible stress and instability during the pandemic, I have definitely been seeking methods that can support my core inner strength and mental clarity. I found the experience to be just that – revivifying to my general health and well-being beyond what I could have imagined possible in just 2 short hours, and the effects continue. Also, as a massage therapist and body worker, I work with a spectrum of people who are dealing with and seeking help with a variety of issues. Ketamine helped clear the mental garbage and whatever was compromising my energy so I could be far more present with my family and in my work with supporting others’ general health. I am extremely grateful for the experience and will be recommending it and Insight Ketamine to others.

  • Chloe Davis

    The treatment that I received at Insight changed my life. Dr. Anderson’s care allowed me to take regain control of my life, and start to rebuild after an extremely difficult moment. The staff was compassionate, knowledgeable, and COVID safe.
    If you are looking for alternative psychiatric care in Santa Fe, Insight Ketamine an easy choice.

  • Jeremy Gonzales

    I was very nervous about this new treatment, but Dr. Anderson and Alex were exceptionally supportive and answered every question I had. The care that they provided made me feel very comfortable. It didn’t feel like an appointment, more like a pleasant visit with old friends. The fact that they took the time out of their day to call me the day before and day after the treatment told me that they really care. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  • Exchange My Mind

    Dr. Stewart and Insight Ketamine have been Instrumental in my journey to finding relief for my personal issues and struggles. The professional and caring atmosphere along with a deep understanding of the unique properties of Ketamine and treatment options opened new doors that I didn’t think were possible. I am so thankful for Dr.Stewart and his staff and would highly recommend the services they provide to anyone who is struggling within. In a word the clinic is “Amazing”!

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