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Jan Edl Stein

Psychotherapist | MFT


Holos Institute

san francisco CA

San Francisco, California, 94103 United States

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How Holos Institute work with Clients

Reaching out for help with a difficult situation, relationship, life transition, or challenging inner experience is a courageous step toward change and healing. I know this gesture well and honor it by meeting each personal inquiry with the utmost respect and appreciation for your unique and very complex experience.

My work is to align myself with your experience and understand it as fully as possible. I take into account the very real logistics of your life, the intricacies of relationships, and the deep inner response. There is no need for shame or self criticism. We will work on quieting those wounding inner voices. I am interested in accessing the inner resources that you can touch and allow to guide you into an awareness that has the potential for great change. I pay attention to bodily reactions, dreams and images, the flow of thought and feeling that permeates our experience and the felt sense of a deeper part of the self that is constant and immutable.

Treatment Approach

I can navigate your inner world and all of the tumultuous emotions that follow. I am also very pragmatic and pay careful attention to real life details, calling awareness to issues that might need tending. Most of my clients experience me as very warm, connected, very real and grounded. I place a high value on the quality of our therapeutic relationship and am very engaged in supporting that for your best growth.

I am trained in many different modalities and use/offer these only as it seems appropriate. I find that EMDR, Brainspotting and deep trance state therapy work very well to address traumatic experience. I use mindful awareness, meditation, and imaginal explorations as an effective treatment for depression and anxiety. While much of the work is grounded in insight-oriented “talk therapy”, we will also use an awareness of body sensations and an active invitation to explore imaginal and creative realms.

Holos Institute Background

Years in practice


School: Rutgers University

Graduated: 1975

Degree: BA in Psychology

School: University of San Francisco

Graduated: 1986

Degree: MA in Counseling Psychology

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