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Ryan Al Jurdi


Dr. Ryan Al Jurdi (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD


24 Greenway Plaza, #2020

Houston, Texas, 77046 United States

Appointments: In Person

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Years in practice


School: American University of Beirut

Graduated: 1998

Degree: MD

NPI Number


License or Certificate Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry

License or Certificate Psychiatry

Additional Training

Psychiatry Residency, Baylor College of Medicine (1999-2003) Psychosomatics Fellow, Baylor College of Medicine (2003-2004)

Languages spoken
  • Arabic
  • English
  • French

Client Reviews

6 Reviews on “Ryan Al Jurdi”

Overall rating
  • B Davis

    Brilliant and compassionate. A psychopharmacologist with the skills of a five star psychotherapist.

  • Katy

    Very nice and caring doctor

  • RB

    Unlike the typical psychiatrist, Dr. Al-Jurdi and his team at Brain Health Consultants are extremely thorough in their efforts to diagnose the biological and psychological causes for your mental illness. Dr. Al-Jurdi and his team create a thoughtful, customized treatment plan for your recovery to wellness which emphasizes the importance of maximizing your chance for LONG TERM recovery.

  • Jeremy

    As a physician, I’m more critical of the healthcare services I receive, but despite this, I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Rayan Al Jurdi’s care, compassion, and treatment plans. After working in both hospitals and elite world known psychiatric facilities, I haven’t seen anyone with his level of knowledge and professional discipline. He very methodically diagnosed and treated my condition, ultimately saving my life. Coincidentally, he also identified and initiated treatment for a very rare genetic condition. I’ve never felt better. I give him my highest level of recommendation and my sincerest gratitude.

  • William

    Dr. Al Jurdi is one of the most helpful physicians I have ever seen. His ability to listen, understand, and give practical advice has helped me make better life choices. In a time of uncertainty, it has been nice to have someone who can bring a fresh perspective to life in general. Many thanks…

  • Scott

    In short, Dr. Al Jurdi is fantastic. I have been receiving Ketamine treatment from him for several years. I continue to work with Dr Al Jurdi because he truly cares about me and my wellbeing. Additionally, he is extremely knowledgeable about the treatment, the science behind how it works, and ongoing research. I would highly recommend Dr Al Jurdi to anyone looking for a psychiatrist.

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