Abhijit Shinde


Dr. Abhijit Shinde (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD, PhD


1601 W Division St, Suite A

Chicago, Illinois, 60622 United States

Appointments: In Person

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Graduated: 1992

Degree: MD

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American Society of Ketamine Physicians

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3 Reviews on “Abhijit Shinde”

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  • Anonymous

    I waited months for an appointment with Dr. Shinde. When I asked a question about his familiarity with my health concerns, I waited over 3 weeks and sent 3 follow-up messages only to finally hear back that he wasn’t able to treat me at all. If you’re looking for a responsive and respectful doctor who won’t waste your time, look elsewhere.

  • Joe

    Dr. Shinde is a very kind, empathetic doctor. I had the most thorough doctor’s visit with him, of my life. What I liked most is that he insisted on my active participation in my care

  • Matthew

    Dr. Shinde is thorough, kind, considerate, personable, and professional. He is willing to get creative and innovate with care (within reason), and takes the time to walk you through options in lieu of telling you what you “have” to do. After having struggled to find a doctor in Chicago who really cares for my health on a deep level, I am genuinely glad to have found Dr. Shinde.

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