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Dr. Henry Liang (He Him)

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine | DO


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5145 S Durango Dr, Suite 103

Spring Valley, Nevada, 89113 United States

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School: Washington University in St. Louis

Graduated: 1995

Degree: BA, Biology

School: College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City University

Graduated: 2001

Degree: DO

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Anesthesiology Residency, Des Peres Hospital

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  • Danielle

    I’m amazed at how much better I feel. I came to Dr Liang feeling horribly depressed not able to get out of bed. After 6 treatments I have to tell you I feel extraordinarily better! I couldn’t even think straight or focus on something to long without getting exhausted. Now after the treatments everything just feels better. I highly recommend Dr. Liang and Klarity Ketamine Clinic of Las Vegas.

  • Rona

    Dr Liang is a combat veteran who is dedicated to healing fellow veterans. He understands the physical and other traumas we have experienced and truly wants to help us to heal, and understands how broken the system is.

    He is extremely compassionate and has the highest integrity.

    While the Klarity process is very expensive, getting your life back is so worth it.

  • Sherrie

    I am writing this review on behalf of my husband Bill and myself. Bill truly credits Dr. Liang and Klarity Clinic for saving his life. He was on very high levels of opioid medications for severe chronic nerve pain. Dr. Liang was professional, caring, warm and open. He and his assistant Cynthia meticously looked over Bill during his ten NAD+/ketamine treatments. The Clinic is clean, well thought out, very professional and calming. We truly are amazed at our experience there as Bill is no longer on any opiod medication of any kind. Thank you, Dr. Liang, Cynthia and Klarity Clinic.

  • Anabel

    The staff is professional, courteous and friendly. Dr. Liangs’ knowledge of the therapies is evident. He answered all of my questions and provided me with information to make decisions about my care. I have had such a great success with the ketamine infusions as I was in a dark place when I first started. I have completed and am amazed at the wonderful results. I have even noted a great improvement in focus, memory and energy. I am so greatful. I have referred a family member and would refer anyone looking for help. Thank you.

  • Dani

    Dr.Liang and team can truly perform miracles with the NAD ketamine infusions.

    I traveled here as a caretaker for someone in a nitrous drug psychosis, all other options failed, within 6 treatments my client was back to his normal self.

    I truly believe I witnessed a miracle and I am so grateful for Dr Liang and his team. they are kind, compassionate, and truly care about their clients.

    I also did a low dose infusion for fatigue while at the clinic and I feel much better after. I have less brain fog, more energy, and more focus.

    Thank you so much for the services you provide and I look forward to coming back!

    Much love and respect

  • Melly

    When I got back from a work assignment in Texas, I felt exhausted, fatigued, and had brain fog, so I searched for a NAD+ infusion center, and contacted Klarity Clinic, since it was one of the best rated clinics in Las Vegas. Dr. Liang got back to me on that same day, asked me some background information, and answered my questions. I let him know that I recieved a 500mg NAD+ infusion three months prior, and he offered a 1000mg of NAD+ along with an anesthetic, Ketamine, to help alleviate the discomfort from the infusion. I told him I have never had ketamine before, but I’ve read about it’s efficacies in treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as part of my area of study. The clinic itself had many elements of a therapeutic environment, it was very patient-centered, and the continuous monitoring of my vital signs made me feel safe and comfortable. Dr. Liang tailors his treatment plans to each patient according to his thorough assessments and he ensured I had the most effective treatment; it was an overall wonderful experience. It has been a month since I visited his clinic, and I have noticed an increase in my strength and performance in jiu jitsu and climbing, better quality of sleep, and improved general well-being. I highly recommend this clinic, so give them a call if you are called to do so!

  • Leslie

    Thank you to Dr Liang and his staff for the life changing treatment my son received at your clinic. He arrived in a state of drug induced psychosis due to Nitrous Oxide abuse. After 6 NAD+/Ketamine treatments, he was stabilized and feeling back in his right mind. He was then able to transition safely to a rehab facility where he continues on his path to recovery. The treatments you provide are nothing short of a miracle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the life-saving part of this terrifying chapter in my son’s story.
    For anyone considering treatment at Klarity Clinic, I would urge you to not hesitate and call them today. It truly does take a village sometimes, and believe me, you will never regret making Dr Liang & Co. part of your recovery team.
    Eternal gratitude to the Klarity Clinic 🙏🏼

  • Anonymous

    I am very happy that I ended up going with this clinic versus the other ones I was considering (I moved recently to Vegas from LA so went to seek treatment here as a result). Dr. Liang is extremely knowledgeable in this field and offers treatment with a slightly different approach compared to other clinics due to his background in anesthesiology. His team is very friendly as well and were more than willing to work with me in regards to finding the best treatment course that suites my needs.

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