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Charles Fleischner


Dr. Charles Fleischner (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD


Ketamine Health and Wellness

175 Cedar Ln, Suite #5

Teaneck, New Jersey, 7666 United States

Appointments: In Person

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School: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Graduated: 2006

Degree: MD

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License or Certificate Board Certification in Emergency Medicine

Additional Training

Emergency Medicine Resident, UMDNJ

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6 Reviews on “Charles Fleischner”

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  • Jonathan

    Dr. Fleischner is extremely knowledgable and caring along with his whole staff. Everybody who is indicated for this treatment should seek out Dr. Fleischner!

  • Yehuda

    This clinic is phenomenal. For those who those who don’t know Ketamine can help with anxiety, depression, pain, PTSD and more. You will walk out a new person. I recommend Ketamine Health and Wellness for anyone in need of a change for the better.

  • Miriam

    Dr. Fleischner is such an incredible and compassionate doctor who always goes above and beyond for his patients. He will speak with you at length to make you feel comfortable with the treatment plan and adjust it if necessary. Thank you so much Dr. Fleischner for caring so deeply for others!!!

  • Kirwin

    Dr. Fleischner and his staff was extremely attentive to me n my concerns and I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is interested in katemine and wants to gain more of an understanding of what can be done if it seems as if the medicine you are taken are not quite doing the job

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Fleischner was extremely kind and professional and took really good care of me when I was in the Emergency Room. He was efficient and kept me informed of the treatment plan.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Fleischner was the best! He has taken care of several of my family members and done an outstanding job! You always know that he is looking out for what’s really best for you.

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