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Miracle Hills Clinic

Maman Lawan
(He Him)
Miracle Hills Clinic

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  • Sarah

    I had an excellent experience with Dr. Ali and his staff this week. He is professional, very knowledgeable, truly and genuinely cares about his patients… and most importantly, he takes the time to address everything so efficiently without unnecessary meds (unlike other places where I have been and in which I was prescribed unnecessary antibiotics although I had no sign of infection or bacteria.) Dr Ali is helping me restore my health with just the right treatments and I’m so appreciative of that as I’m already seeing major improvement, and I can tell he’s a doctor who can easily be trusted. Really wish I discovered this practice earlier–highly recommended! Probably the best PCP in town (and I have been looking for a knowledgeable doctor for a while!) Staff was friendly and very easy to work with too, which is always an added value. Thanks again Dr Ali & staff!

  • Linda

    Dr. Ali is focused on taking care of you. I felt that my time with him was productive and directed towards helping me improve my chronic asthma, without being pushed to do extensive testing or lab work. It was a very comfortable session. I felt that he was my partner in helping me improve my health.

  • Pam

    I relocated to Omaha this summer and had to find a new family doctor. Miracle Hills Primary care was a PPO provider. I was a little nervous knowing that this new Dr. won’t know me and want to change all my prescriptions etc. I was amazed with my experience with Dr. Ali, he spent time getting to know me and my health. Very thorough, knowledgeable, pleasant and caring. I left his office knowing that I’m in good hands. Definitely a five star health professional place. The staff is excellent.

  • Kyla

    I was in need of changing doctors and came across some reviews of Dr. Ali. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Ali and his office in general. Everything goes smoothly and professionally from the initial check in to the nurses and doctor visit. Dr. Ali ordered testing immediately which led to the discovery that surgery was needed. He completed my diagnosis with the assistance of specialists in 2 weeks and my original physician had stated the process would take months. I HIGHLY recommend him!

  • Joe

    I wish I went to this place a long time ago as they are all great here, from the call making an appointment to the time I walked out the door, Dr. Ali, and his staff are simply awesome. If anyone is trying to find a reliable caring and extremely knowledgeable Dr., then Dr. Ali is for you! They handled everything with my insurance company with ease and got my meds paid for on my first visit as opposed to paying for my meds for the last year with my other Dr. I am so happy to be a patient here!

  • Sam

    Dr. Ali is a breath of fresh air. A truly caring physician. I wish I had found him years ago to treat my daughter who suffers from a chronic illness. I have rarely been so pleased. The office staff is wonderful. The office is immaculate. 5 stars.

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