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Nova Health Recovery Ketamine Clinic


Dr. Christopher Sendi (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD


Nova Health Recovery Ketamine Clinic

8108 Hinson Farm Rd, Suite 201

Alexandria, Virginia, 22306 United States

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  • Arnold

    Dr. Sendi has been my physician for over two years. As a Ketamine doctor near me in Northern Virginia, Fairfax he offers ketamine infusions for depression, PTSD, anxiety, and CRPS. I suffered from all of these due to a car accident and prior depression. I received NAD infusions as well as Glutathione IV infusions at the office in addition to IV Scopolamine therapy before my ketamine treatments and TMS. The combination worked phenomenally! My depression and anxiety has literally resolved and my CRPS is managed extremely well with topical ketamine and oral ketamine mixed with a home-based intranasal ketamine spray that Dr. Sendi prescribed. I had tried EMDR for my PTSD from a therapist without any success and luckily, I found Dr. Sendi’s PTSD therapy. I also have been using Low level Laser light (Red light) therapy at the office to help in my depression and that has been very helpful. The office environment is awesome. It is calm, inviting, and almost like being at home.

  • Bernice

    I had treatment resistant depression and OCD for many years. I was referred to Dr. Sendi for addiction treatment with Suboxone and during my evaluation, Dr. Sendi placed me into the Ketamine infusion therapy and home-based oral ketamine treatments. Ketamine infusions resolved the underlying pain from fibromyalgia that led to my addiction problems and cured my depression of twenty years. We added NAD+ and IV vitamin C therapies as well as functional nutrition treatments. I was amazed with my progress and results. If I had any PTSD from prior therapies, it was completely abolished with Dr. Sendi’s regimen. The office was relaxed and almost like home. Dr. Sendi was always available for me and spent a lot of time discussing my treatment. Psychedelic assisted therapy with ketamine was a great way to address my inner problems. Ketamine treatment in Alexandria, Virginia has never been easier that with the Northern Virginia Ketamine Infusion Center and Dr. Sendi.

  • M.S.

    came here as a last resort, I’ve tried all the meds, counseling, and even ECT. This is so far the only thing that has given me any hope. Thank you Dr. Sendi and Anthony!!

  • Samantha

    I was referred to Dr. Sendi and the Northern Virginia Ketamine Infusion Center for my CRPS and depression. I also suffer from anxiety and some OCD issues as well. Even though this was a ketamine center near me, I would have driven 500 miles to see this doctor. The office is warm, inviting, and comfortable. Dr. Sendi made an accurate diagnosis and spent a lot of time with me. He explained my conditions and I trusted Dr. Sendi’s opinion. His patients all love him. Psychedelic assisted therapy such as Ketamine assisted psychotherapy should be a mainstream treatment and Dr. Sendi’s ketamine center in Mclean, Virginia offers a great service. As a new depression therapy, ketamine and psilocybin are intriguing but highly effective. Obviously, the office offers only ketamine therapy and that has altered my life in great ways. If you are looking for a depression cure or severe anxiety relief, consider the ketamine infusions and home-based oral ketamine that are offered here by Dr. Sendi.

  • G.C.

    Have lived with the symptoms of depression for more than 30 years. Was introduced to Dr. Sendi by a friend whom he treated. This therapy has restored my hope that depression can be managed and hope can be restored. Since beginning this therapy, my coping and management ability has improved many fold.

  • D.G.

    Very thorough and explains the process. Makes sure all questions and concerns are answered. Felt very at ease and able to ask questions without hesitation.

  • Paul

    Dr Sendi has really saved me. He is listed here for addiction medicine, one of his board certification, but I am seeing him for recurrent major depression. He was able to help me take control of the antidepressant medications I’d been prescribed over years by psychiatrists, rearranging a treatment plan that made far better biochemical sense. Together, we agreed on step-by-step changes to keep the depression at bay as much as possible yet eliminate medications that were really just making me tired and foggy for years. Having been his patient for over two years now, I can really look back at it as an awakening of sorts; a return to my old self. I owe him credit for saving me from years more of blunted life. I feel alive and, successful, and content, and my friends and family notice every bit of the change. I really encourage you to call him. He’ll undoubtably speak with you in person and explain your options better than any other physician could.

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