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Ricardo Bernal

(He Him)

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  • Melissa O

    I am so thankful and feel blessed to have found Dr. Bernal to help my child at this difficult time in his life. He truly cares about helping people and you realize that the moment you meet him.

  • Caroline

    I really like Dr. Bernal. He is no-nonsense yet compassionate and I actually think he really cares about his patients. He listens and is open to trying different options for treatment unlike some doctors I have visited.

  • Melissa

    I’ve already had a few appointments with Dr Bernal, so this review is truly from experience. I am very PLEASED with this office. Psychiatry can be initially scary for people who have never been treated, but Dr Bernal couldn’t have made me feel more at ease. Professional, yet sympathetic. Really interested in helping. I am glad I found this office, and highly recommend it.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Bernal was patient and helpful.

  • Patrick

    Very caring and took time to diagnose my son. I disagree with the negative reviews. He’s up front if he feels he is not qualified to help you he will say so. I like a doctor that will say it as it is.

  • Anonymous

    Really rude and unprofessional. You will not get the care you need, instead you will feel judged by this petty man. Dr Bernal should really leave the field

  • Anonymous

    At 9 years old, my son has seen more doctors than most. Many are quick to put him in a box and label him with a “one size fits all” diagnosis. Dr. Bernal is the exception. He sits down with my son- he speaks with him, he listens to him. He understands him. Most importantly, he is a kind and patient man. Dr. Bernal has done more for my son (and my family) in one year than all the other doctors combined. He also takes time out to explain (to me) what my son is working through in a way I can understand

  • Anonymous

    I saw him from aprx 9/2016 – 1/2017 and will never step foot in his office again. Like others, I came in at an incredibly vulnerable time with a long history of trauma and got the same speech regarding his inability to help. He ultimately agreed to see me on a “trial basis.” Each appt I left feeling more broken. It seems like he cherrypicks his cases (which is allowed in private practice), but if you need anything more than a med management appt for depression every 6 months, look elsewhere.

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