Enjoy Freedom from Depression and Anxiety with Ketamine Therapy

Todd Merkley



Sunrise Ketamine Wellness Clinic

3555 Potomac Way Suite B

Idaho Falls, Idaho, 83404 United States


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7 Reviews on “Enjoy Freedom from Depression and Anxiety with Ketamine Therapy”

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  • Lamar Pearl

    Having struggled with OCD for the majority of my life I am grateful for Sunrise Ketamine Clinic. They are very thoughtful and caring. Todd wants his patients to improve and he deeply cares about this. I highly recommend Sunrise Ketamine Clinic!

  • Melissa Durtschi

    I’ve been super pleased with Todd & The Sunrise Ketamine Clinic. When doing my research with my psychiatrist at the U of U, I found the treatment program & the price to be identical. So I chose to do it close to home, in Idaho Falls. I take comfort in knowing Todd has been doing this longer than anyone else in town. He is very well researched & he has done so much to help me be successful. I’ve been BEYOND PLEASED!!!

  • jared muszala

    I have been battling with depression for seven years. Over the course of those years, I have continuously repeated the trial and error method with a mass variety of medications with limited results. Once all else had seemed to fail I had heard about individuals who were treating patients who were suffering like me – medications not working – to have ketamine infusions. I then decided to start looking into ketamine, the treatments, cause and effect as well as its benefits. Once I had my first infusion, I could immediately tell that this treatment was unlike any other medication that any doctor has ever handed to me. This special type of treatment for individuals who are treatment resistant – such as myself – allows a break from the pharmaceuticals and allows you to have a treatment for yourself, within yourself. Once I had a taste of the infusion, I thought about how insanely
    IMPORTANT this treatment is for people to know about. One of the more comforting facts is knowing that Todd at Sunrise Ketamine Clinic is very passionate about this line of work and he is very involved with patients about not only their physical wellbeing but also mental. The series of services that Sunrise Ketamine Clinic offers has been above and beyond. All around A+ FIVE STARS 🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Miriam Jean

    My husband has been a patient of Todd’s for the past several months. We decided to try ketamine after years of different types of medications and therapies that would only be helpful for a short time, if at all. It felt like we were in a hopeless loop and we both wondered if there was anything out there that could ever truly help. Ketamine has made a huge difference, no questions asked. We both went into that first appointment somewhat skeptical, but within a few treatments we started noticing a major difference, as did everyone who saw my husband regularly. He was a lot lighter and, though he still has problems to sort through, the problems do not heavily bog him down like they used to. He has picked up hobbies he’d abandoned and is enjoying life again. Todd and his staff have been so personable and informative. We are truly so grateful to them and will do what we can to get the word out – there are so many out there that would hugely benefit from this!

  • Jesse McOmber

    Todd and the Sunrise Ketamine Clinic are life changing. My son has suffered from severe depression his whole life. Tom and Sunrise have taken the time to explain the treatment and realistic expectations. The pricing has been better than we found at other places. For the first time in years, my son is smiling, laughing, and engaging in our whole family and the world. The process has not been easy, but Todd and his team provide great support for everyone. The ups and down were explained and understood. I would recommend this clinic and this treatment.

  • JB

    My spouse has been going to Sunrise Ketamine Clinic for over a year. As another anesthesia provider, I have been impressed with Todd’s knowledge, professionalism, and compassion. I am very pleased as to how the treatments have helped my wife become the happiest she has been in years. I highly recommend Sunrise Ketamine Clinic for anyone who is experiencing treatment resistant depression.

  • Kamilla G

    Todd is very professional, honest and knowledgeable. He isn’t doing this for financial gain, he is truly trying to help people. He is up to date on the latest research, takes time to explain and gives very realistic expectations.

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