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Beth Ballen

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  • Danielle

    Ballen Medical thank you for the life changing care. Dr Ballen is extraordinary and her team of Nurse’s, counselor’s and other staff are what make this place the perfect environment for wellness and whole body, mind and soul recovery. You have given me the tools to be the best me. I don’t ever give reviews, but had to find a way to show my gratitude.

  • B.E.

    its sad that in the state of mental illness crisis in this country you have a psychiatrist office that does not take insurance but their crime is how much Dr Ballen and her office charges and make sure they collect their payment before you ever even enter the office, actually they make you pay as soon as you make an appointment to make sure they get their money then they will keep you coming in every month once they put you on meds just for a refill and another $350 each time, they will NOT let pharmacy refills your prescriptions and thats all this dr does, she does not do any therapy etc. just go to your own medical doctor at least you can refills for several months and won’t go broke trying to get help on meds she prescribes.

  • Leena

    I have been suffering from migraine headaches for 17 years. I have tried endless medications and procedures, blocks, and injections. Nothing has given me lasting relief. I underwent a series of 7 ketamine infusions at Ballen and experienced relief like I never have before. I felt my stress and pain melt away in an environment that was absolutely comforting. The nurses were so patient and wonderful and the whole Ballen team worked so well together. I was so pleased and will definitely recommend Ballen and ketamine infusions to anyone dealing with chronic pain. I can’t wait to go back!

  • Annie STG

    I have been seeing Dr. Ballen for a few years now, and I hope that never changes. She has been so helpful and understanding to my issues, and always seems to have a fix for everything. She cares so much, that I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I have had quite a few psychiatrists throughout my life, and none have proven to be this helpful AND caring. She is always there for me when I have an emergency.

  • Terri J in Littleton

    In the 5 years or so that I’ve been seeing Dr Ballen, she has never forgotten me, insists on follow up with me and is genuinely concerned that I am stable with improving mood and behaviors. She is warm and nurturing and extremely knowledgeable about medications. I have heard from other psychiatrists at the hospital that she is the best when it comes to medication management. She also has chosen wonderful staff, including the best therapist ever, Deede Amhowitz. Thank you Ballen Medical!

  • Anonymous

    Beth Ballen is an amazing doctor. She takes time with each patient and listens to what the patient is feeling. She is one of the best in her field. I highly recommend Dr. Ballen for any mental health/addiction needs.

  • Anne

    Very caring and thoughtful. Great listener and insightful. Compassionate.

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