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Ben Clark


Ben Clark (He Him)

Nurse Anesthetist | ARNP, CRNA


7211 W Deschutes Ave, Ste D-202

Kennewick, Washington, 99336 United States

Appointments: In Person

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School: Brigham Young University

Graduated: 2007

Degree: BS, Nursing

School: Albany Medical College

Graduated: 2010

Degree: MS, Anesthesia

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  • Paula

    Ben has been an amazing lifesaver for me! I have been in headache pain for over a year now after a fall I had in December of 2019. Literally Round the clock Extra strength Tylenol since that fall!! My daughter had me go to Ben for a Ketamine treatment two times while visiting her in Tri-cities! It has Been over a week and a half since I had my first injection and I have not had a headache or needed Tylenol since then! Just that much relief alone is more than amazing!!! I would recommend Ben and this clinic to anyone and everyone!!! Thank you so so much!!!! So far, so so Good. Paula Alderson

  • Tyanna

    I rolled out of bed one morning and couldn’t walk! After being in excruciating pain and told by doctors to stay on pain meds because there was nothing at the time they could do… Ben reached out to me and suggested I try one of his ketamine infusions. I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve, bulging disc, and annular tear at the L5S1. Ben gave me a ketamine infusion and a boost of vitamins. I had complete pain relief for about 24 hours! Just enough relaxation from the muscle spasms to turn a huge corner in pain relief! Not only did I start the path towards healing from the pain BUT I woke up the next day with a mind full of clarity! It was unbelievable! Pain can be very debilitating both physically and mentally. The ketamine infusion and vitamin boost restored so much mental clarity! It was amazing! I have no doubt this form of healing works! I’m so excited to continue my treatments there! Ben and Tyler are very professional, friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable! The atmosphere they have created reminds me of a spa treatment! Very relaxing and calming. So grateful Ben has introduced me to this form of wellness!

  • Steve

    I began my treatment with Tyler and Ben at Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic back in early May of 2019. After the initial consultation with Ben it was determined based upon my needs that a total of 6-40 minute Ketamine infusions were anticipated to begin my road to a better life. In the end I wound up with 5-40 minute sessions and one 4-hour session (focused on pain relief). Over this past 6 week period I have noticed not only a significant change in my mood and my outlook on life but I have also been able to make long overdue decisions that will continue to impact my life for the better. I do anticipate follow up ‘maintenance’ sessions however they will most likely be few and far between. When it came down to the four hour session intended to relieve me of my 30 plus years of chronic pain, it has delivered thus far although I know it will take follow up visits in order to maintain the ‘pain free’ status. When it comes down to Ketamine and how it feels during the infusions, I can only tell you that it is a very unique experience unlike any other I have ever had, and I have had quite a few anesthetic procedures. I recommend that you do your homework on not only the data regarding the research on Ketamine therapy but also be sure you understand how Ketamine works in the brain as well as the possible side effects. I personally feel that this is a very important part of your treatment, this way you will have a better understanding of what to expect during and after the treatments. As far as my overall experience is concerned, I will say that it was a very comfortable, and relieving treatment process and I recommend this to any who need help with medication resistant mood disorders such as Bi-Polar, depression, PTSD or major pain. Give them a call today, they are pretty cool guys and they are doing this to help others. Cost is pretty high and insurance does not cover this at this time. Please take into consideration the cost of insurance for these medical professionals (CRNA) as well as all other aspects of this type of business. There is an article online that gives you a good idea of why it costs what it does and I also recommend reading said article to understand more regarding general costs involved for the providers. Thank you for reading and enjoy your road to recovery, it’s right around the corner.

  • Hannah

    Highly recommend!! Ben was great, he made me feel comfortable and I could not be happier with the results!

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