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Tyler Thornock

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  • David

    Tyler had a great bedside manner. He’ll explain what he’s doing as he does it. He’ll also check how your moods have been and it isn’t awkward to talk about with him. He also has a therapeutic effect; I once had a small panic attack during my infusion (very rare for me) and he came in and talked me through it, explained why it was happening and how to handle it while the infusion was going. The panic attack was cut short, in part because of the Ketamine, and in part because he was there and was able to calm me down. That means the providers still keep an ear out for you if you like to be alone during your infusion. That helps me relax. In other clinics, I’ve had providers simply walk out of the room while I was having a panic attack and leave me there alone, as if I were somehow crazy or making it up. Many of you reading this will understand that panic attacks are the worst and are indeed very real. Luckily, Tyler has your back.

  • Ali

    My first experience with Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic was amazing. I’ve spent my entire life being self conscious of my sweaty hands and underarms. It’s not only embarrassing but it interferes with my job and can be so frustrating. A week ago I got Botox injections in my underarms and it has been LIFE changing. No more sweat or worrying about what color shirt I put on in the morning. Tyler helped navigate through the insurance hoops and made it possible! When the time came to get injections he made me feel relaxed and nothing like the sweaty freak I thought I was. Their office was nice and inviting as well. It ended up being a very small amount of discomfort for a HUGE life altering result. I am incredibly happy with the outcome and can’t believe how much it has changed my life already!

  • Melissa

    I received my vitamin infusion by Tyler yesterday and honestly can’t believe the difference it made waking up this morning. It helped me bounce back from my night shifts and have energy without my morning coffee to feel like a human. I’m also excited to see the difference it will make in my hair, skin, and nails! The clinic has such an inviting environment to relax. Seriously check it out!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Thornock [Tyler] consistently delivers exceptional service to his patients. His office is prompt, professional and courteous. Tyler is one of the best doctors I have ever come across. I have been treatment-resistant for major depression and several other serious mental illnesses for fifteen years. Due to this; I came to Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic to receive Spravato [esketamine] a new nasal spray treatment. Tyler worked diligently with my insurance company and everyone else involved so I could take the treatment. It was beyond a nightmare, but he never gave up and made it all possible. Tyler is caring, smart, understanding, compassionate and very understanding of each individual’s situation. I cannot recommend Tyler, Brian and his entire office to friends and family or anyone in need of an outstanding medical experience. I am so thankful for them, they are truly changing my life for the better after all these years – I have hope for the future.

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