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Family Physician Specializing in Integrative and Functional medicine


Dr. Erica Zelfand

Naturopathic Doctor | ND


3025 S Corbett Ave

Portland, Oregon, 97201 United States

Appointments: In Person Online

How I work with Clients

The Healing Systems in my toolkitinclude:
Pharmaceutical medication prescription – including conventional, off-label, and compounded preparations
Laboratory test interpretation – blood, urine, saliva, and biopsy tests, conventional diagnostic testing, functional medicine studies, mail-order kits
Alternatives to surgery and invasive medical intervention (when appropriate)
Diagnostic imaging – x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc.
Clinical herbalism (botanical medicine)
Medical nutrition and dietary counseling
Psychotherapeutic counseling, emotional freedom technique (EFT), other therapy models
Lifestyle counseling and behavioral health
Dry needling tissue release, trigger point injection, neuraltherapy, and neural prolo
Osseous manipulation (similar to chiropractic) and soft tissue mobilization (similar to physical therapy)
Homeopathy – classical homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage (UNDAs), flower essences
Hydrotherapy and nature cure
Psychedelic-assisted therapy and microdosing – harm reduction approach


School: National University of Natural Medicine

Graduated: 2012

Degree: ND

NPI Number


License or Certificate Naturopathic Physician, #1904 Oregon

License or Certificate Certified Tribal Practitioner, #202100322

Payment & Insurance

Cost per session

$60.00 - $250.00

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More information & resources

My weekend-long psychedelic seminar is now available online, on demand. Please visit https://ScienceofPsychedelics.com to learn more and sign up!

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