Get Relief from Depression and Anxiety Within Hours!


Arizona Ketamine Treatment & Research Institute

2155 E Conference Dr Ste 101

Tempe, Arizona, 85284 United States

Website: arizonaketamine.com

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2 Reviews on “Get Relief from Depression and Anxiety Within Hours!”

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  • John

    This treatment changed my life. They’re the most affordable in the valley and it’s such a comfortable setting and atmosphere. They take great care of you before and after so that it’s an extremely comfortable experience. I would absolutely recommend trying this if you struggle with mental health issues.

  • Jayne

    I would recommend finding a center recognized by the Ketamine Advocacy Center and the APA. This center is not. It is definitely on the cheaper end of the range for this treatment, but not worth the savings in my opinion. You will quickly learn that this center is not focused on mental wellness. It also operates as “Advanced Vein Institute” and “Pinnacle Pain and Spine” with the same staff in the same building. I did not speak with any doctors before my infusion and I doubt they even reviewed the medical records they requested. There are no psychiatric professionals on site at all. I had a very bad experience with my first infusion but did not receive any after care or follow up whatsoever. I would have expected a call, at least. When I cancelled my additional appointments the medical assistant wasn’t even curious as to why or what they could have done better. If you’re desperate, this might be an ok choice, but I do not recommend it if you have any alternatives whatsoever.

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