Heart-Centered Counseling

Merry Coburn, (She Her)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor | MS Ed PhD LMHC


Chrysalis Body Mind Heart-centered Counseling

728 South Ave

Rochester, New York, 14620 United States


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How I work with Clients

Individualized counseling and tools for your journey

Yoga Therapy
Mindful movement helps reconnect body, mind, and spirit. It increases self-awareness, allowing you to make meaningful choices on your journey of self-healing.

Is it easier for you to explore your inner life when you are physically active? Walking in nature often provides a soothing container for emotions and acts as a gentle catalyst for awareness.

Shamanic Healing Practice
Shamanism is an age-old, universal approach to wholeness. The pathway it offers helps you connect with your inner wisdom and retrieve lost parts of the self.

Even if you don't consider yourself to be creative, SoulCollage® is an opportunity to mindfully engage with your inner self and connect with your inherent creativity and deep knowing.

Treatment Approach

Being present with your feelings is not something that comes easily to most people. Maybe you were judged and shamed for expressing your emotions, so you kept them down by holding your breath and tightening your muscles.

I offer a trust-filled setting in which you can be present and attend to your feelings; a safe place to process and release stagnant emotions.

My therapeutic orientation recognizes that one's mind and body cannot be separated; they exist in tandem. When you learn to foster a watchful presence within, your ability to discern truth and make choices that nurture a sense of balance and self-acceptance will transform your life.

I serve as a witness and a guide for your healing journey. Our time together will typically include my careful listening combined with other modes of non-verbal exploration to spark your intuitive inner knowing and self-awareness such as yoga therapy, ecotherapy, collage, and shamanic healing

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