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Ashraf Hanna

(He Him)
IV Ketamine

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  • Cindy

    Best pain management team EVER. Understands my aversion to any opioid and works with me with better pain management then shoving pain pills at me. Thank you for this.. not everyone wants opioid treatment. And they are amazing

  • Bryn

    Dr Hanna is my angel. I travel from Michigan for care. He has helped me in countless ways with my mental and physical health. Worth any wait any day for top notch care from the best of the best. Love Florida Spine Institute. The whole care team I have is amazing. Especially Melanie who is a saint for dealing with my never ending emails! Thank you all!

  • John

    I couldn’t even walk before being treated by Dr. Hanna. I have excruciating, relentless nerve pain (from head to toe) due to at least 5 near-fatal car accidents. Every step had me recoiling, crying even…. even tiny steps did this. I was completely immobile! After a 10 day ketamine infusion, I was able to walk again. Dr. Hanna’s ketamine treatments gave me a semblance of a life back, whereas if I had never met him I’d have no life at all.

  • Elaine

    Saw a previous pain doctor in Tampa who only spent five minutes and did not help me, until I saw Dr Hanna..the staff and him is amazing..Finally someone who takes time to evaluate and listen and is trying to do the best for my pain I am experience. I would recommend him to a lot of people with pain conditions..he is great and I give a two thumbs up!!

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