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Creative Solutions Psychiatry

17 E 97th St

New York, New York, 10029 United States

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School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

School: Los Angeles County-University of Southern California (USC) Medical Center

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  • Jens Karlsson

    I have been suffering from general anxiety and social phobia for almost two decades, to the point that I have had to avoid all social situations. In 2017 I was violently beaten down in the street with brain injuries and PTSD started to develop. In 2018 I was hit with major depression. For years and years I’ve been seeing many therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and CBT guides and have tried every medication available on the market. At almost a zero success rate. In 2019 I reached out to Dr. Lifschutz for help and he he worked with me in therapy to understand the particular symptoms that were ruining my life, followed by a detailed medical plan to treat each symptom. At that point I was on the edge of falling off a cliff with everything from my family to my professional career but he guided me through recovery in the most professional way. 18 months later I am almost free of symptoms from all previously listed issues, even though it takes work everyday. There’s no miracle cure to solve it all but I couldn’t be happier with the treatment. Dr Lifschutz is a fantastic professional to work with and he has helped me completely change my life and return to a happy life. I am forever grateful.

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