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Psychedelic Therapy in Bellaire, Texas by Sandhya Prashad


Learn About Psychedelic Therapist Services by Dr. Sandhya Prashad

Psychiatrist | MD


Houston Ketamine Therapeutics

6565 W Loop S

Bellaire, Texas, 77401 United States

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How Houston Ketamine Therapeutics work with Clients

Houston Ketamine Therapeutics administers ketamine via IV infusion or intranasal esketamine. Dr. Prashad has the ability to tailor the treatment to fit your unique needs. We have also combined treatment with Brainsway’s deep TMS to maximize results in appropriate patients.
This personalized approach leads to a higher rate of success, and approximately 80% of our patients respond to IV ketamine treatment when using this approach. Dr. Prashad will also make comprehensive treatment suggestions that may include therapy, dietary changes, exercise, sleep hygiene recommendations, and addressing underlying biological causes of depression that may be contributing in order to achieve the best results.

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