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Still Nothingness


Sean Hamman (He Him)

Bwiti N'ganga and facilitator


Still Nothingness

Cape Point

Cape Town, Western Cape,  South Africa

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How I work with Clients

In our Kambo and Iboga ceremonies, the facilitation in shared in the framework of meditative mindfulness for somatic presence in experiencing physical and psycho spiritual conditions. We facilitate small groups of approximately 7-8 people. Our participants vary in age and we have treated people between 18 - 85 years old, from varied cultural backgrounds, sexual and gender identities. I have worked with individuals from different countries who require language interpreters and I am experienced in working with people of varying medical conditions and consult experienced medical professionals when further clarity is required in the safety assessment of an potential attendee.

I work mainly with psycho spiritual inquiry, trauma, habitual use of physical substances and most often refer addiction interruption and detox to appropriate clinical providers.

I also often 1 week, 2 week and one month private retreats for clients by special request.

Treatment Approach

I interview potential participants to understanding their reason for seeking Iboga, we discuss medical conditions, history, psychosomatic and spiritual inquiries in their life. We work carefully and selectively with people based on their personal readiness for the ceremony. We discuss their personal development work and acknowledge the reflection tools that are already a part of the tool kit and share tools for self inquiry and reflections which will further assist preparation. We also introduce self awareness practices and body mind practices which assist the overall journey and integration.

Our work supports the cultivation of equanimity and somatic presence. This is extremely supportive of the transformative effect on the body and reconditioning of the central nervous system which is integral to the power of Iboga. If there is a need for preliminary practices to be introduced or supportive reading materials to be looked at in advance of the ceremony. Further consultations may be required in the preparation period before ceremony; and consultations can be arranged for ongoing support in the after care period over the months which follow.

When participants are ready for ceremony we discuss the treatment process in detail in the online/phone consultation. We further discuss an appropriate treatment protocol with Kambo and Iboga and a overall treatment plan over 1 -3 Iboga sessions. I deliver the Iboga in the root bark form in a step by step gradual dose over 9-11 hours. This allows for careful and responsive dosing on an individual need and capacity. Depending on conditions being dealt with and the individuals readiness, the depth and intensity of the journey is negotiated together before hand. Check ins are regularly performed through the first 7 hours; and then at pivotal junctions in the 36 hour journey. I find this works well for sensitive individuals and builds trust and confidence in their capacity to undergo such enduring and intense experience.

Aftercare, counsel and ongoing consultation as available as required.


Years in practice


School: Mitsogo

Graduated: 2007

Degree: N'ganga

School: Santo Daime

Graduated: 2002

Degree: Fardado

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Traditional Lineage Training

I initiated into Bwiti in 2007 in Gabon. I am a Bwiti N’ganga in the Mitsogo tradition. My formal apprenticeship included practice and study of the traditional songs, dances, spells and healing rites of Bwiti. From 2004 - 2008, I pursued an extensive traditional apprenticeship with Adamus, a French-Gabonese Bwiti organisation and spiritual community. Adamus disbanded in 2008 and following on from their work, I continued to facilitate Iboga ceremony as WorldBridgers, in the U.K until the beginning of 2018. Prior to his Bwiti apprenticeship, I facilitated an Ayahuasca practice in the U.K. and the Czech Republic from 2004 - present. I have shared instruction with long-standing apprentices with their own medicine practices throughout Europe including U.K., Czech Republic, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain. In 2009, I had the calling to work with Kambo to resolve chronic respiratory illness. Following the initial Kambo treatment course over 6 months, I resolved a lifelong vulnerability to chronic respiratory illness. After that, I invited Brazilian curandero, Cesar Carvalhoto to the U.K. and began study of the administering of Kambo . From 2010, with direction from Cesar, I was instructed to continue training with Mauro Santili. I developed my practice with Kambo in the Katukina style with Cesar and Mauro. Followed by further training with Giovanni Lattanzi to develop an understanding of the meridian point systems and Matses style of application.

Additional Training

Extensive and various shamanic teachings and training throughout the past 20 years. Including, but not limited to Metamorphic Technique, Merkaba trainings according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Four Winds - an international program founded by Alberto Vilolldo of the Institute for Energy Medicine, 5 year study under Rolando Monteiro of the ayahuasca church of the Santo Daime.

Payment & Insurance

Cost per session

$1050.00 - $5400.00

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  • White Caucasian
Languages spoken
  • English
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  • Buddhist Taoist
  • Santo Daime
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