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  • Catherine Lewis

    Gadi is a genuine, warm, deep, thoughtful, present, intuitive, and intelligent person who is able to meet you right where you’re at with compassionate non-judgment. This is where therapeutic healing is possible, in a space where every part of us is allowed and encouraged to show up so that their messages can be heard, understood, updated, and integrated into the whole that we are. As someone with a history of childhood trauma and disrupted early attachment, the relationship I have developed with Gadi has been working to stabilize my nervous system, allowing me to learn how to trust the world, and to slowly open and attach in ways that feel safe to me. The radical acceptance that Gadi extends is a model for how I can respond to myself during the more difficult moments; his care has become a true touchstone and beacon of love that I am able to tap into any time it is needed. The work that I have done with him has truly changed (and honestly saved) my life. Having had years of experiences with other therapists, I can say with confidence that Gadi and his practices are very special and I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have found him and to get to work with him.

  • Bonette Beamon

    Gadi is beautiful spirit who revels in his soul’s perfect imperfection and humanity.
    He holds a very safe space for you to do the same.
    Gadi shows up for his clients. He is intuitive and innovative .
    I have been with him a little over a year.
    More than 5 stars.

  • Jessica Simpson Fawcett

    Gadi is an incredible therapist and works wonders with couples. Since working with him, my husband and I have experienced tangible differences in our relationship. When working with Gadi, we have always felt fully heard, supported, and cared for. He has a genuine interest in seeing his clients grow in whatever way they are seeking and has the skill to help them do it. On a logistical note, Gadi is wonderful to work with, always responsive to communication, easy to schedule with, and has a welcoming, cozy space.

  • Zack Fawcett

    Gadi is an amazing counselor! My wife and I have been going to him for a little over 6 months and our marriage has completely transformed. I understand my wife so much more then ever before and we are closer for it.

    Gadi doesn’t act like a mediator between your arguments (which we’ve seen counselors before who did this and it just makes things messy). He helps you understand why your partner is reacting a certain way to a challenge or argument in your lives which in turn makes you react a certain way because of both of you have past experiences affecting your thoughts and vice versa. This helps you have a deeper understanding of your partner and your relationship. This helped us work through the more challenging aspects of our lives with a team approach (because we understand that we’re both hurting simultaneously sometimes) which makes everything feel so much less like a fight for control of being right, or fighting for who is more hurt at that moment in time.

    I highly suggest going to see him! He really helps you understand yourself and your partner. I guarantee this will make your relationship feel so much lighter and easier. When it feels this light it’s so much easier to communicate and feel more of the love you once felt before the burdens of life piled on.

  • Yoni Levenfeld

    Gadi is an unbelievably talented, kind and intelligent counselor. He provides precise insights and offers practical and useful support in shaping my wellbeing. He is an incredible patient listener and offers a level of consultation that I have not experienced with any other counselor. His vast knowledge and practice resonants during our sessions, in which he is able to create a sense of safety yet challenges my preconceived notions and makes me reassess my thoughts and actions. I am very thankful and highly recommend Gadi.

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