In February of 2016, Klarity Clinic of Las Vegas was the first to bring ketamine infusion therapy to Nevada


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Spring Valley, Nevada, 89113 United States

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5 Reviews on “In February of 2016, Klarity Clinic of Las Vegas was the first to bring ketamine infusion therapy to Nevada”

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  • leslie luyken

    Thank you to Dr Liang and his staff for the life changing treatment my son received at your clinic. He arrived in a state of drug induced psychosis due to Nitrous Oxide abuse. After 6 NAD+/Ketamine treatments, he was stabilized and feeling back in his right mind. He was then able to transition safely to a rehab facility where he continues on his path to recovery. The treatments you provide are nothing short of a miracle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the life-saving part of this terrifying chapter in my son’s story.
    For anyone considering treatment at Klarity Clinic, I would urge you to not hesitate and call them today. It truly does take a village sometimes, and believe me, you will never regret making Dr Liang & Co. part of your recovery team.
    Eternal gratitude to the Klarity Clinic 🙏🏼

  • Paul R

    I suffer from depression and extreme anger issues. My GF researched Klarity for herself and after her success, I decided to give it a try. I’m really happy with the result, I find myself more positive and a lot less irritated.. I’m not “cured” but I’m definitely headed in the right direction. Thank you Klarity Ketamine clinic for helping me.

  • Dave Weinberger

    I’ve had pretty severe depression. Anti depressants just mask the symptoms, not cure anything. I’d read that Ketamine works wonders for depression. I wound up breaking my wrist, and they used Ketamine while they reduced the fracture. Afterwards I felt the best I had for years. So I took the plunge, and got Ketamine infusions. The results are simply amazing. I feel great! I’m happy I broke my wrist!

  • Digital Dopamine

    I am very happy that I ended up going with this clinic versus the other ones I was considering (I moved recently to Vegas from LA so went to seek treatment here as a result). Dr. Liang is extremely knowledgeable in this field and offers treatment with a slightly different approach compared to other clinics due to his background in anesthesiology. His team is very friendly as well and were more than willing to work with me in regards to finding the best treatment course that suites my needs.

  • Maria McAlpin

    The doctor and all of the staff at Klarity Clinic are extremely knowledgeable and caring. The treatment methods are very effective. This can be a life changing treatment for people with depression. If you or someone is considering ketamine infusions, I highly recommend Klarity Clinic. They are able to combine with an innovative NAD treatment that improves outcomes, and can lengthen the time between boosters. The doctor is very caring and available for questions before and after treatment. This is worth the investment in your health! ❤️

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