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How Inner Evolution Coaching work with Clients

I have worked with hundreds of clients as a coach and a counselor. No matter how good my interventions are, no matter how much research is backing them, the only thing that actually works to facilitate change is the relationship. Building a strong coaching relationship is vital for achieving success in our work together.

If you don’t trust me, our work will feel unsafe and nothing I say will help you. If I don’t trust you, my advice and ideas will fall flat and nothing I say will help you. You are the expert in YOU!

It is my job to create an effective framework that allows me to facilitate your self-reflection and help you discover new pathways towards creating the life you desire.

Treatment Approach

My coaching philosophy is based on Interpersonal Neurobiology, a multidisciplinary scientific approach that recognizes the importance of three key elements in our overall well-being: the mind, the brain/body, and our relationships. Interpersonal Neurobiology highlights the fact that our brains are constantly changing based on our experiences and environment. This means that by focusing on our thoughts, our physical well-being, or our relationships, we have the power to rewire our brains and create lasting change.

I utilize Interpersonal Neurobiology to inform my preparation and integration sessions. Based on my research into the effectiveness of psychedelic assisted therapy and coaching, I have designed a framework that utilizes established practices, cutting edge science, and ancient wisdom.

For new clients or clients who I haven't seen in a while, at least 4 preparatory sessions are necessary. This allows for assessment of the presenting issue, discussion of goals & obstacles, discussion of benefits, safety planning and risk assessment, discussing proper set and setting for the medication session, and time to practice some self-regulation skills.

Medication Session:
This session is done by the client, either with a guide, trip-sitter, AI trip sitter, or on their own. Each person is different and has different needs during the medication session, which is why proper preparation is key.

Integration of the medication session is necessary for any lasting benefits. At least 3 integration sessions are needed to discuss your experiences, find meaning and purpose in your experiences, and to discuss changes and practices to help you maintain the benefits long term. This is where the magic happens. While the trip might have felt like the most important part of the experience, learning to integrate those experiences is where we can actually begin to create the life we want. This stage is also where Yoga Therapy, Reiki, or other mind-body interventions will be helpful.

Inner Evolution Coaching Background

Years in practice


School: University of Southern California

Graduated: 2023

Degree: PsyD Clinical Psychology - Systematic Review on Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

School: University of Wyoming

Graduated: 2014

Degree: Mental Health Counseling

License or Certificate Certified Life Coach

Date: 2022

License or Certificate Certified Yoga Teacher

Date: 2014

License or Certificate Ayurveda Specialist

Date: 2022

Other Psychedelic Therapy Certifications

Foundations in MDMA Safety, Therapeutic Applications & Research - Psychedelic Support Understanding Psilocybin: Effects, Neurobiology, and Therapeutic Approaches - Psychedelic Support

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$150.00 - $215.00

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