Inner Integration: Bridging the Gap Between Trauma and Purpose

Meredith Miller

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Inner Integration


Fort Worth, Texas, 76102 United States


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How I work with Clients

My mission is to help you bridge the gap between trauma and purpose. My focus is a holistic, integrative approach to narcissistic abuse recovery, a valuable complement to traditional psychotherapy. I teach the mindsets, tools and actions to transform your life after relational trauma.

Psychedelic medicine has been an integral component in my personal healing and I also spent some time working at retreats in Peru. I enjoy helping others to prepare for and integrate after their own transformational psychedelic experiences. My specialization is working with clients during their recovery after relational trauma. This includes adult intimate relationships, friendships, work or social connections and also childhood trauma in the family where the relational patterns originated.

Treatment Approach

Psychedelic medicine offers a profound opportunity for holistic self-healing when approached responsibly and with reverence. Preparation for these kinds of experiences is helpful so you can get the most out of them as possible. The often overlooked yet most important work is the integration after these spiritual experiences. That's when we have the opportunity to explore deeper meaning and put into place long-term practices that transform our daily life.


Years in practice


School: University of Pennsylvania

Graduated: 2000

Degree: BA in Spanish Language and Literature

License or Certificate Acupressure Certification

Date: 2010

License or Certificate Hypnosis Certification

Date: 2006

License or Certificate Emotional Balancing Certification

Date: 2010

Traditional Lineage Training

Salk'a Andean Cosmology with don Américo Yábar in Cusco, Peru

Additional Training

Evolutionary Relationships (Thomas Hübl and Terry Real) — 2021 Principles of Collective Trauma Healing Certification (Thomas Hübl) — 2020-2021 Love & Relationship Master Coaching— The Leo King (David Palmer) — 2020 Kajabi Impact Summit (Kajabi) — 2019 Experts Academy (Brendon Burchard) — 2017 Sanar La Violación Del Alma (Dr. Iñaki Piñuel) — 2017 Ekman Library Training on Micro Expressions (Dr. Paul Ekman) — 2017 High Performance 12-Week Coaching (Charly Caldwell II) — 2016 World's Greatest Speaker Training (Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason & Roger Love) — 2016 Growth Summit (Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi & Ethan Willis) — 2016 Psychology of the Future (Dr. Stanislav Grof) — 2016 The Confidence Course (Brendon Burchard) — 2016 Psychedelic Medicine & Salk'a (Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru) — 2014-2015 Wake Up Productive (Eben Pagan) — 2014 Self-Made Wealth (Eben Pagan) — 2014 High Performance Academy (Brendon Burchard) — 2013 The Influence Course (Brendon Burchard) — 2013 Masters Coaching Course (Brendon Burchard) — 2012 Emotional Balancing Certification (Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, CA) — 2010 Acupressure Certification (Acupressure Institute, Berkeley CA) — 2009-2010 ThetaHealing & DNA Activation I-II (Judy Dragon)— 2009 Hypnosis (Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Los Angeles, CA) — 2008 Ordained Minister — Universal Life Church — 2007 Apprenticeship with mystic, don Américo Yábar (Andes Mountains, Peru) — 2006-2007 Matrix Energetics III (Dr. Richard Bartlett) — 2006 Hypnosis Certification & NLP Licensing (Hypnosis Energy Center, San Diego) — 2006 Shamanism & Divination (Dr. Michael Harner, San Francisco) — 2006 The Way of the Shaman (Dr. Michael Harner, San Francisco) — 2006 Matrix Energetics I-II (Dr. Richard Bartlett) — 2006 ThetaHealing & DNA Activation I-II (Dr. Sangeeta Sahi) — 2006 Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (New York & San Diego) — 2005-2006

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