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  • Psilocybin/neuro-plasticity work can be life-altering if you are open to it. Having a really great guide like Brenna (sincerely invested, intelligent, professional, tremendously intuitive/emotionally attuned, and experienced) really let me get a lot out of the experience.

    My work with Brenna uncovered insights that decades of conventional “talk therapy” did not unearth. The practical implications of my psilocybin journey have been positive and surprisingly long-lasting! If you are open to it and are invested in the process, neuro-plasticity and mindfullness work can really re-wire your brain. It is not easy, fast, predictable, or even unidirectional (sometimes there is reversion to old thought patterns/reflexes). But, the changes can be real and substantial. I was able to pick back up childhood hobby that I had dropped for decades:

    When I was 10 years old, I essentially stopped reading for fun, due to trauma-induced ADHD that started at that age (unfortunately, it took me a couple decades to make those connections). Prior to that, I was a total bookworm; that kid whose nose was always in a book and could never get enough! Due to the mental-illness that began at 10 years old, I essentially stopped reading for fun. I was no longer able to focus on individual lines of text in books. My eyes would just slide off each line, in a “rush” that I could not stop. I started getting this 100% involuntary and anxiety-inducing urge to tear the pages out of my novels, whenever I tried to read for fun. This urge was a truly frightening involuntary compulsion for someone who used to worship books and who never had that urge prior. The biggest reason I stopped reading was because it was too scary to sympathize with characters in novels … too scary to feel the pain/confinement of a fictional characters, because that would mean that I would have to feel it, as the reader. And I was afraid it would trigger my own feelings of pain/confinement.

    From the age of 10, the defense mechanisms just kept compounding. My mental illness changed me so much that I felt barely alive for decades. My work with Brenna has been a huge factor in my ability to re-capture some of what I had lost all those years ago. And I have been able to start reading for fun again! I truly did not think I’d be able to, in this lifetime.

    I cannot recommend Brenna more highly, and I hope we can continue working together.

  • I wasn’t sure what to anticipate, and I certainly wasn’t sure what I might find. Still, I was willing to give this new methodology a shot.
    Everyone desires happiness and some level of contentment. I realized that I never really found it (or at least I’d never fully realized it) until I met Brenna. Through her guidance and support, I discovered what it meant to fully be me authentically.

    Brenna seized the reins and lead the way by establishing a comfortable “set & setting” . She created a space that was both emotionally and physically comfortable, allowing me to focus on myself within my journey.

    Throughout the experience – both pre and post journey – Brenna was a positive sounding board, always open and available, listening closely and allowing me to vocalize and examine my own personal circumstance. All of her comments and direction were delivered in a caring, positive, and constructive manner. A consummate professional, Brenna demonstrated skill and expertise though a precise and exacting manner, which allowed me to approach my journey with openness and without judgment.

  • Brenna is such an extraordinary healer and I am truly grateful for her guidance on my recent plant medicine journey! Her empathic nature, patience and knowledge gave me the courage to trust my own intuition and experience the gift of plant medicine.

    Throughout our weekly meetings in Balboa Park, Brenna has helped me discover parts of my authentic self that I have been suppressing -mainly speaking my truth. With her guidance, I have been able to develop and manifest my intentions by disconnecting my logical mind and looking inward to rediscover the inherent knowledge that had been inside my soul all along.

    Since this was the first plant medicine + journey work experience I’ve had, feeling safe was definitely a priority in seeking a guide. Fortunately, Brenna created an incredibly secure space for both of us to connect over the past 8 weeks. I’ve always felt comfortable and at ease while talking to her during our sessions. Her professionalism and attention to detail in insuring that I felt secure and safe are impeccable.

    During my journey, Brenna and her trusty intuitive dog, Mojo were by my side the entire time as support. She took detailed notes along the way and even typed them all out for me to keep afterwards. Since my journey, she has also continued to check in with me as I am integrating back into reality. I highly encourage anyone who is looking towards unlocking their true potential through journey work with plant medicine to connect with Brenna as this has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I am finally speaking my truth and will be forever grateful for the opportunity to receive the medicine from such a gifted healer!

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