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Kambo Life NY


Wendy Alyson (She Her)


Kambo Life NY

145 W 95th St

New York, New York, 10025 United States

Appointments: In Person

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How Kambo Life NY work with Clients

Kambo works on a spiritual level as well as a physical one. The frog, helps to connect us with our innate wisdom and shows us what we can do in order to improve our situation in life. During Kambo treatments, we can receive insights and, changes that we need to make, can be revealed. With Kambo, an instinctive intelligence is taking over the allowance of our natural wellness. Kambo can enable us to end unhealthy habits and thought patterns and allow us to become more open to receive guidance from Spirit.

I work to create a safe and loving space where people can feel free to connect to their higher selves and the natural wellness within.

Treatment Approach

Superficial burns are made by the tip of a small glowing vine, on the top layer of skin. Kambo is then applied onto the burns or “gates” and thus absorbed into the body subcutaneously and runs through the lymphatic system.

Kambo Life NY Background

Traditional Lineage Training

I am an IAKP trained and certified Master Kambo Practitioner, having completed the Basic Level Practitioner training, Advanced Level Practitioner training, and Master Practitioner Level coursework. I have also completed provider and shamanictraining with medicine woman, Hari Har.

Additional Training

I have certifications in Psychedelic Integration, Addiction Recovery & Psycho-Spiritual Coaching from Being True To You, Sound Therapy from the Woom Center, Craniosacral Therapy from the Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute, and Yoga from the Om Factory.

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Client Reviews

3 Reviews on “Kambo Life NY”

Overall rating
  • Wow! Where do I begin? Wendy Lieber is one of the most authentic and most qualified medicine practitioners out there. Wendy embodies true integrity in her everyday life and in her work. She not only facilitates medicine in a sacred way, she also serves with so much loving intention that some of my deepest healing works have been because of her reverence and presence.

    One of the first times I witnessed Wendy work I was brought to tears with an overwhelming feeling of joy and gratitude. Her humility and dedication to to the medicine have inspired me to stay on the path of service. Hoping to be everything she is one day.

    I am honored to call Wendy now my mentor and one of my best friends but most importantly she exemplifies a true healer. Wendy walks the true path of enlightenment while supporting others as they awaken to their true self.

  • monique

    I first met Wendy a few years back, while seeking healing, after trying countless modalities- conventional and unconventional, to treat deeply rooted physical, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease. Wendy was highly recommended to me after Kambo first came into my radar, but I was reluctant and scared. I was full of nerves, questions, and fears, yet from the first moment I reached out, she was there in such a profound way. Wendy holds an impeccable space allowing you to go so deep, while knowing you are in the safest hands. From the beginning, I knew that I finally found the right medicine and practitioner to heal in ways I couldn’t for decades, so I continued to work with Wendy often, eventually with other medicines, and notably with integration work, as I quickly learned this is a crucial part of the process. And wow, how much I grew and learned from this process with her, in such unimaginable ways, is one of the most invaluable gifts of my life, that I’m forever grateful for. Her presence and guidance is so strong, yet gentle, so wise, yet humble… Three years later, I have immensely healed chronic illness, emotional distress, and have a whole new life, much thanks to my work with Wendy.

  • Veronica

    I’m so grateful that Wendy came into my life! I became interested in kambo after having a very difficult year in which things were just not going smoothly for me. Due to the heightened stress and worry I was experiencing, I also developed an array of physical conditions including a flareup of a dormant autoimmune disorder, pain and tension in my body, and a general sense of malaise, often feeling uncomfortable or not-quite-right. I have worked with a lot of healers and holistic practitioners over the years and Wendy is hands-down the best. I love how she is friendly and caring while also being very professional and composed. I respect how Wendy carries herself with poise and humbleness in her work and her presence helps me relax into the experience of kambo which can be intense. She’s attentive while also giving me the space to find my own strength which has been a powerful lesson for me. When I sit with kambo, I always learn something about myself and receive insights about my life. The next day, I feel amazing – everything just flows. I wake up energized and feel productive and happy after a session with Wendy and the benefits are lasting. Working with kambo has helped me to let go of a lot of negative thoughts and emotions that were keeping me down and I’m feeling so much lighter and more positive these days. Thanks to my work with Wendy, my physical symptoms have either disappeared or diminished significantly, and a lot of new opportunities have opened up in my life. I’m feeling calmer and more at peace than I ever have. I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing medicine offered by an amazing person!

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