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Kambo With the Intentions of the Aboriginals and the Sacredness of the Frog


Otto Maier (He Him)

Kambo Practitioner



Hudson Valley

Hudson, New York, 12534 United States

Appointments: In Person

How I work with Clients

Once you’ve booked a session, I will ask that you review the contraindication list that can be found in the “Safety” tab above. Once we have confirmed Kambo can be safely administered to you, we will schedule a time and place to meet. Upon arrival we will take a few moments to get settled, present, and I will take you through the entire process and offer a space to ask any questions about kambo.

We will open ceremony with some breathwork, an oracle card to clarify intentions, and begin the process. I was taught to serve Kambo by starting with two similar medicines prior; Sananga and Rapé (pronounced “ha-peh”). Both of these medicines are unique in their affect, and aid in the process of spiritual, emotional, and physical cleansing.

Treatment Approach

It is my mission to create a sacred, loving, and safe environment for those who feel called to work with Kambo. My practice is based on a foundation of sustainability and a deep respect for nature. I have been trained to serve from the jungle: a healing tradition passed down from generations of Amazonian natives. It is an honor to serve those who are new, or who are returning to the beauty of Kambo.


Traditional Lineage Training

Victor Escobar (Owner and Operator of Kambo Jungle Expeditions) Katukina's natives, as well as the Yawanawa and Huin Kuin tribes.

Additional Training

https://www.psychedelicschool.com/ Teaching Assistant

Other Affiliations

https://www.soulpsyche.org/ https://www.facebook.com/psychedelic.school https://www.psychedelicschool.com/

Psychedelic Therapy Certification Institutions
  • Psychedelic School by Shiri Malcolm Godasi

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