Ketamine and Vitamin Infusions for Mood and Pain Disorders


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  • John Stensrud

    The staff is amazing, kind and compassionate. I did 3 tours in Iraq in the United States Marine Corps and I have been struggling for years with PTSD, depression, chronic back pain and panic attacks and in ONE session, all of my symptoms were dramatically reduced. I am very excited to continue treating and I feel like I am getting my life back. Thank you guys for what you do! I am forever grateful. 🙂

  • Lindsey Beeler

    Everyone that I’ve come in contact with here have been amazing. They’re all so welcoming, patient and they have even stayed late in order to accommodate my work schedule. They make your experience peaceful and work with you as much as they possibly can in order to help you in any way. I would recommend this business, the people, as well as their treatments to anyone and everyone. One of the best experiences I’ve had in this town as far as treatment’s.

  • Linda Michael

    I am impressed with the care, professionalism and results that I have received from Tri City Infusion and Wellness Clinic. I have been a patient for a little over a month, during that time my depression has decreased, my anxiety has improved as well as my coping skills. I feel like somebody has turned on the lights! I am brighter and happier then I have been in years.

    Ben and Tyler both have a very kind bedside manor. They have years of experience between them so the infusions were not painful. They are also very realistic about the results. I felt like they genuinely want you to have a successful outcome. Their treatment rooms are very comfortable and easy to relax in.

    The entire staff is outstanding at following up and giving great customer service. Kayla in the reception area does a fantastic job of greeting, answering questions, helping the providers and being just plain sweet. I am grateful for the care I have received from the clinic and would definitely recommend them.

  • Melissa Hammick

    I received my vitamin infusion by Tyler yesterday and honestly can’t believe the difference it made waking up this morning. It helped me bounce back from my night shifts and have energy without my morning coffee to feel like a human. I’m also excited to see the difference it will make in my hair, skin, and nails! The clinic has such an inviting environment to relax. Seriously check it out!!!

  • Norman Shaw

    Going in for an experimental and somewhat new type of treatment was a bit stressful for me, but this clinic’s caregivers are very easy to work with and flexible to individual needs, they took extra time to address my questions and the treatment was excellent.

  • Shawn Walker

    I couldn’t recommend this place more. I’ve struggled with hyperhidrosis in my armpits for as long as I can remember. Even prescription deodorant wasn’t helping much. I was a bit skeptical about injections, but I was willing to try anything. Since the injections I have yet to sweat through a shirt, something I used to do on a daily basis. The appointment was quick, not too uncomfortable, and Tyler answered all my questions. Definitely worth it!

  • Ali Erikson

    My first experience with Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic was amazing. I’ve spent my entire life being self conscious of my sweaty hands and underarms. It’s not only embarrassing but it interferes with my job and can be so frustrating. A week ago I got Botox injections in my underarms and it has been LIFE changing. No more sweat or worrying about what color shirt I put on in the morning. Tyler helped navigate through the insurance hoops and made it possible! When the time came to get injections he made me feel relaxed and nothing like the sweaty freak I thought I was. Their office was nice and inviting as well. It ended up being a very small amount of discomfort for a HUGE life altering result. I am incredibly happy with the outcome and can’t believe how much it has changed my life already!

  • Camille Phillips

    I heard of the Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic through my brother and I decided to give it a try. I’ve struggled with depression and a slew of mental illnesses since I was a teenager, I’ve met with counselors and other mental health professionals but depression always got the best of me. A couple of years ago I spent a few months in a psychiatric hospital and got put on some medication that seemed to help for a while but still felt down a lot. Hearing about the ketamine treatments sparked an interest. Ben was very welcoming and informative of the treatment. I did 5 days of ketamine treatment. I have been able to see some positive effects, I have more motivation to get out of bed and feel more hope in my life. I would highly recommend Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic for anyone who suffered from mood disorders or pain.

  • Steve Strawn

    I began my treatment with Tyler and Ben at Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic back in early May of 2019. After the initial consultation with Ben it was determined based upon my needs that a total of 6-40 minute Ketamine infusions were anticipated to begin my road to a better life. In the end I wound up with 5-40 minute sessions and one 4-hour session (focused on pain relief). Over this past 6 week period I have noticed not only a significant change in my mood and my outlook on life but I have also been able to make long overdue decisions that will continue to impact my life for the better. I do anticipate follow up ‘maintenance’ sessions however they will most likely be few and far between. When it came down to the four hour session intended to relieve me of my 30 plus years of chronic pain, it has delivered thus far although I know it will take follow up visits in order to maintain the ‘pain free’ status. When it comes down to Ketamine and how it feels during the infusions, I can only tell you that it is a very unique experience unlike any other I have ever had, and I have had quite a few anesthetic procedures. I recommend that you do your homework on not only the data regarding the research on Ketamine therapy but also be sure you understand how Ketamine works in the brain as well as the possible side effects. I personally feel that this is a very important part of your treatment, this way you will have a better understanding of what to expect during and after the treatments. As far as my overall experience is concerned, I will say that it was a very comfortable, and relieving treatment process and I recommend this to any who need help with medication resistant mood disorders such as Bi-Polar, depression, PTSD or major pain. Give them a call today, they are pretty cool guys and they are doing this to help others. Cost is pretty high and insurance does not cover this at this time. Please take into consideration the cost of insurance for these medical professionals (CRNA) as well as all other aspects of this type of business. There is an article online that gives you a good idea of why it costs what it does and I also recommend reading said article to understand more regarding general costs involved for the providers. Thank you for reading and enjoy your road to recovery, it’s right around the corner.

  • David Wilson

    Ketamine Infusion Therapy works for Panic Attacks, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, and for depressive mood swings from Bipolar Disorder. If you suffer from these issues and have not been able to find relief for them, this is the treatment for you. It is a transformative experience and it has given me my life back. Ketamine Infusion Therapy works.

    So the question then becomes: Where will you get go for your therapy? I recommend Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic.

    The clinic itself is in a professional setting which inspires confidence in the therapy itself. The gals at the front desk are very welcoming and they do not act as though they are walking on egg shells around you, even though they know why you’re there. This is important, because there is a stigma around mental health disorders. That stigma makes people afraid to deal with you. It’s not a good feeling to be treated like you’re one fry short of a happy meal at all times. Reception does not treat you with anything but kindness. It’s nice.

    The providers are very professional and they really know their stuff. The difference between this clinic and other medical clinics is that these providers actually care about their patients. They don’t stress you out by trying to rush through your appointment as if you are just a unit on a conveyor belt. That’s good, because if you’re like me, you’re prone to a lot of anxiety. They have comfy chairs for you to relax in during your therapy. They have surveys and a mood monitor to help you keep track of your mood while away from the clinic. This is great for actually measuring when you need your maintenance booster. And sometimes, while you’re recovering, before you leave, they’ll let you watch Netflix on an iPad. That’s a nice touch!

    Ben, a provider, is very good at getting the IV needle in on the first try. He’s never had a problem with me and so if you’re worried about that, you’ll be fine. He’s also very good at knowing when to check in on you and when to leave you be. When you’re in the middle of your therapy and sensitive to noise (I prefer to be alone), he times his check-ins well. He also is good at catching or estimating you vitamin deficiencies, if you have one. He once gave me a B-12 shot at the right time—I found out that I was indeed low and later given a B-Complex Rx by my psychiatrist. He is also good at remember what’s been going on in your life, which is cool.

    Tyler, the other provider, had a great bedside manner. He’ll explain what he’s doing as he does it. He’ll also check how your moods have been and it isn’t awkward to talk about with him. He also has a therapeutic effect; I once had a small panic attack during my infusion (very rare for me) and he came in and talked me through it, explained why it was happening and how to handle it while the infusion was going. The panic attack was cut short, in part because of the Ketamine, and in part because he was there and was able to calm me down. That means the providers still keep an ear out for you if you like to be alone during your infusion. That helps me relax. In other clinics, I’ve had providers simply walk out of the room while I was having a panic attack and leave me there alone, as if I were somehow crazy or making it up. Many of you reading this will understand that panic attacks are the worst and are indeed very real. Luckily, Tyler has your back.

    These are the reasons why you ought to go to this clinic. I drive 2+ hours to come to this specific clinic, and they make the drive worthwhile. I will keep going to this clinic for as long as I remain in the Pacific Northwest, because they treat you with dignity and respect, values that I think all of us with mental health disorders need in order to make it through a therapy that gives you your life back.

  • Hannah Richards

    Highly recommend!! Ben was great, he made me feel comfortable and I could not be happier with the results!

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