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Remote Ketamine-Assisted Therapy




Remote, Remote, 10016 United States

Website: mindbloom.com

Appointments: Online


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  • MAPS
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6 Reviews on “Remote Ketamine-Assisted Therapy”

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  • Rob

    Great intake, organization and communication. The experience in the office was fantastic (I began pre COVID) and working with the nurse practitioners and my liaison Jack has been excellent. They create a super safe environment and one that I felt comfortable taking a deep dive to get under the anxiety I was experiencing.

  • Adam

    For something new and different like Mindbooms treatment I felt like I was in good hands then entire time. My treatment guide Jack was super responsive, and the medical team answer all of my questions before we jumped into treatment. Great experience!

  • Katherine

    Great team that really made me feel like I was being taken care of! The space was nice and relaxing and helped ease me into the first session. I had a great experience on the drug.

  • Victoria

    Great experience with Mindbloom. Staff was incredibly supportive and present, locations are just as pictured, super comfy, and overall experience was more subtle than I imagined. Looking forward to my next session!

  • Mattan

    Love this place. My guide Jack was cool and really accessible over the phone and text. He helped me get set up and answered all my questions up front. The clinician, Kristin, was friendly and really knowledgeable and comfortable to talk to.

    The space was awesome. They have zero gravity chairs, weighted blankets (I ended up buying my own afterwards because I liked it so much), and an integration room that you can stay in as long as you want afterwards and journal (and eat snacks!).

    The experience was really helpful in terms of working through a few issues around anxiety, and I’ve found myself really relaxed and in a significantly more positive move even for weeks afterwards. After the first four sessions, I just renewed and plan to continue, and I’ve also already recommended a few of my friends.

  • Tally

    I had 0 experience with psychedelics prior to MindBloom and was quite hesitant to try them. After doing some research, listening to Michael Pollan’s new book, “How to Change Your Mind,” and hearing about ketamine experiences from others, I was intrigued. I’ve dealt with anxiety and bouts of depression throughout my life and never truly felt like I had a handle on it so was open to trying something radically different.

    The whole experience felt safe and comfortable from start to finish. My guide struck a perfect balance of warm and professional and made me feel supported from the first digital interactions through the in-person experience and beyond. The clinicians, Casey and Kristin, talked me through what was going to happen in a way I could understand and gave me tips on how to get the most out of the experience and integrate back into my life.

    My first experience was incredible. I had quite a journey (all positive) that led me to major breakthroughs that I’m continuing to explore. I’m not sure I would have ever arrived to where I am now without this experience. I’m continuing to work through challenges the ketamine woke me up to and plan to go back for another round of treatment when I feel I’ve sufficiently worked through this first set.

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