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Psychedelic Therapy in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Michigan Progressive Health


Learn About Psychedelic Therapist Services by Michigan Progressive Health


Michigan Progressive Health

2300 Washtenaw Ave Ste 100

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104 United States

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Client Reviews

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Overall rating
  • Michelle Daniels

    Dr. Oxley is committed to patient care

  • Tiffany M McCabe The Detroit Duchess


  • Nicole B.

    Excellent staff and the only medication that has worked for my bipolar disorder. I am so grateful to have them here in Royal Oak!

  • Isabella Woodall

    They treat their patients with respect. Ryan at the front desk is amazing with customer service, and Dr Oxley is a great professional.

  • Anne Quinn-Diment

    Ketamine infusions are simply miraculous in helping treatment-resistant depression. And Michigan Progressive Health has an experienced doctor and staff, individually tailored treatment, and an amazing patient experience. It is amazing!

  • Bryn Prough

    Dr Oxley is amazing. Caring, competent, passionate about helping her patients. I am so glad I found her. Worth the drive from Jackson area for sure!! HIGHLY recommend this practice. Ryan at the desk is great too 🙂

  • Bridgette DeFrance

    Dr. Oxley, and crew are awesome, friendly, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to treat their patients with compassion and up to date evidence based practice.

  • Mirsaad Masrur

    Has helped me so much now I’m happy in winter

  • Jazmin Niclomte

    I recently completed the oral ketamine program and would like to speak directly to anyone reading who is suffering from treatment resistant depression, anxiety or unresolved trauma. This protocol may be what you’ve been hoping + praying existed, but gave up on in your despair. For me it was a complete game changer. This medication, along w a highly attuned, gifted therapist (Julie) has brought me back from a truly miserable existence. The team of invested, empathetic nurses and staff will work with you to find the best path for your individual needs. At this point multiple offices are offering ketamine, but those of us who’ve been kicked around a bit by life need and deserve the extra special care + attention MPH provides. Hands down, best decision I’ve ever made. Special thanks to Dr Oxley, nurses Emily and Laura

  • Ryan Foster

    Dr. Oxley is knowledgeable and friendly. I feel like a new person.

  • Alchemy Wellness

    I took Dr. Oxley’s provider education course and cannot recommend it highly enough. She truly opens her clinic to you and allows you to see her daily operations, giving you an incredibly practical experience. All the administrative paperwork, protocols, scientific literature, and policies and procedures are handed to you which completely jumpstarts your practice. You get to meet her patients and share in their experiences, which accelerates your ability to speak knowledgeably and confidently with your patients. But beyond all of this, she becomes a mentor. She is always quick to answer questions, connect you with resources, and opine on specific cases. In short, the course is worth its weight in gold!

  • Brian Taylor

    Dr. Oxley is a truly excellent physician. Her treatments have shown amazing results. I highly recommend her services.

  • Bryan Bargowski

    A pioneer in next generation, state of the art treatments for PTSD, anxiety, depression, and many other debilitating ailments. This place changed my life, and it’s the amazing staff that truly stands out.

    Every single one of them make it perfectly clear from the very beginning that their top priority is your progress and comfort. They are all friendly, knowledgeable about their services, and they excel at educating and helping their clients. I could not be happier with my experience there. Shout out to all the amazing people working there.

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