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Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Accelerates Your Growth

Dr. Nicholas Brüss

Integrative Therapist | EdD, LMFT


A Practice of Freedom

11850 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, California, 90025 United States


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Treatment Approach

My approach is for intimately living your life and being at home in your body. It’s a highly collaborative process that requires showing up to get down, way down, into exploring what’s true for you.

I’m present from a position of knowing that you, like me and everyone else I’ve worked with, have an innate capacity to heal as well as an inner knowing. Your inner healing capacity knows to show you what needs your attention. Your inner knowing knows exactly how to be with, and what to do with, whatever that experience is.

This work reconnects you with your inner knowing. How? By together meeting anything that gets in the way of accessing it. How? By together deploying awareness, cultivating a curious and compassionate stance, and welcoming the wisdom of your body. We’ll also be studying relational patterns and current lifestyle, refining communication skills, identifying and strengthening resources, and integrating the different, aspects of yourself.

This process is movement into alignment with your inner knowing, instead of perpetuating outdated stories or planning for a future self. What emerges is a felt-sense of connection and the ability to respond more skillfully and creatively to whatever challenges arise.


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Additional Training

Spirit Rock’s Dedicated Practioner’s and Heavenly Messenger Programs MDMA-Assisted Therapy (for Clinical Research Only)

Other Affiliations

Nicholas is an instructor at UCLA Health:

Psychedelic Therapy Certification Institutions
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