Ketamine Infusion Specialist and Emergency Medicine Physician

Dr. Patrick Oliver (He Him)

Medical Doctor | MD


MindPeace Clinic

7110 Forest Avenue, Suite 203

Richmond, Virginia, 23226 United States

Website: mindpeaceclinic.com

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School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Graduated: 2007

Degree: MD

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  • Mark

    I never thought I would be able to admit that I ever needed help with depression/anxiety. Depression/anxiety took control of me, as I have always struggled with depression and anxiety in the past, but finally was hit by so much at once that I realized I couldn’t manage through my normal coping mechanisms and I needed help. I came to the Mind Peace Clinic and wasn’t really sure about how or if it could help me. Dr. Oliver was awesome in explaining everything clearly, then assessing my needs, while ensuring it was the right fit for me. It turns it was the right fit and improved my day to day life immensely. Thanks to the Mind Peace Clinic team and Dr Oliver I now know what it feels like to have what many have known as normal days without heavy depression and anxiety.

  • Jack

    Dr. Oliver provided me with a service that saved my life. There is no doubt about it. I have been on dozens of medications for my mental health for about the past fifteen years. Nothing has worked as effectively as the Ketamine treatments. After my first treatment I was pulled out of a serious depression. The rest of my treatments continued to improve my mood. His staff is simply the best. The doctors and nurses are kind, respectful, and have the best bedside manner of any healthcare team to which I have been exposed. The scheduling and payment departments are the best I have dealt with. EVERYONE in his practice cares. They really are there to help, and they have a serious interest in your well-being.

  • Alex

    Very good at creating a comfortable environment for healing.

  • Katie

    I used Dr. Oliver’s office for chronic pain treatment. The staff made what could have been a difficult experience as calm as possible. Dr. Oliver took extra steps to make sure I was comfortable during my appointments which took about four hours each. He took extra time to consult with my neurologist about my medical records and treatment. He was very professional and kind during all of my appointments. I felt I was always in good hands. While it didn’t solve my pain syndrome, Dr. Oliver was very up front about making no promises. My experience there was as positive as possible.

  • Vincent

    First things first, it works.

    I have had severe suicidal depression for most of my life and could barely remember a day that I didn’t wake up and immediately wonder why I’m still here. Every few months there might’ve been a couple of okay days where suicide wasn’t the very first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes, but it had become my normal.

    I saw therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, ER doctors, psychologists, and did endless amounts of personal research on the internet in a desperate bid to find some magic pill or mechanism that would make me feel like I wasn’t sinking further and further into absolute despair. I even spent an entire year going to the gym 5-6 days a week thinking maybe I just needed a lifestyle change. Nothing worked.

    Not long ago I saw a Vice documentary on ketamine and its therapeutic applications and that made me curious. I searched for ketamine studies in Virginia and immediately found MindPeace as the top result. Deciding to email them about getting treatment was the best decision I’ve made in my adult life. Someone I met before I got treatment described their own experience as “It’s like the sun turned on.” and I can’t think of a more perfect description.

    I was lucky to experience the benefits almost right away. I woke up one morning the week after my first session and not only was I not feeling suicidal but I actually wanted to get out of the bed. By my 4th session I could definitely tell something had changed. The creeping intrusive thoughts of despair were no longer barging into every single task and I could “take my mind off things” for once.

    It’s been 4 weeks since my last session and every day I was expecting the dread to slither its way back in but it hasn’t. I plan on doing a 30 day follow up appointment just to make sure but for the first time in 20 years I’m finally hopeful.

    As for the clinic itself, Dr. Oliver, and his staff, I couldn’t be happier with how they’ve treated me. The clinic is very clean and inviting. For me, at least, it is conveniently located as well. The staff, from the very first email I sent to my last appointment, were always pleasant and helpful. Dr. Oliver met with me on my intake appointment and broke everything down for me and addressed all of my concerns and saw right away that I needed help urgently. His confidence in the treatment was such a relief. You can tell this is something he really believes in. They are very responsive to emails and always call you back if you leave a message.

    I am extremely grateful for everything Dr. Oliver and the team at MindPeace did for me to give me my life back.

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