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Red River Ketamine Wellness Center



Red River Ketamine Wellness Center

4411 W Gore Blvd, Suite A-1

Lawton, Oklahoma, 73505 United States

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  • Russ Lynde

    I’m very fortunate to have looked on the internet just as my first Ketamine round of treatment at another clinic was ending. If I would have followed the first clinic’s advice, I would never have been able to get the relief from my depression I’ve gotten if it weren’t for the knowledge of Marty and Albert at Red River Ketamine Wellness in Lawton. If you haven’t achieved the relief from Ketamine that you’ve heard or read about then please, call Red River Ketamine Wellness and talk to Marty or Albert. The approach that Red River takes towards Ketamine treatment is far from the first clinic’s approach that I experienced. They have very flexible appointment times, evenings, weekends, and I even went on a holiday. They have answered all my questions, provided very helpful input, and made me feel comfortable with this particular treatment. They strive to provide the least costly treatment in Oklahoma I believe. I can say for certain my life would have been very miseriable if it weren’t for these 2 guy’s. Thanks for everything Marty and Albert, Russ

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