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Customized Ketamine Infusion Therapy Services in North Florida


Sunbelt Wellness Institute

8833 Perimeter Park Blvd, Suite 1004

Jacksonville, Florida, 32216 United States

Website: sunbeltwellness.com

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8 Reviews on “Customized Ketamine Infusion Therapy Services in North Florida”

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  • Amy

    Wonderful experience from our consult to our final treatment for a family member dealing with years of anxiety, depression, and OCD. Dr. Hogan does an amazing job of explaining why this treatment works and how it is different from more traditional treatment methods. The change in my family member was profound and fast. She is now able to function in daily life, handle stressors, interact with others in ways that were impossible before. The treatments were enjoyable, the staff professional and caring. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with ongoing mental health issues. It will change your life.

  • Jamie

    Highly recommend. Very kind, supportive, and knowledgeable staff.

  • Tanya

    This place changed my life forever. I had been dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. I lost my daughter when she was 14. I was already taking pain pills for a broken back. That event led me to not know how to cope. I went deeper into the black hole of depression. I wanted my life back but didn’t know how to do it. I went on methadone and was on a very very high dose which just numbed the emotions I’ve never dealt with. Ketamine allowed it to bubble out. I was able to see my own thought process and how disturbing it was. I learned I can kick the thoughts I don’t want or need away from me. I have never had another thought or craving of opioids again. I was able to deal with my daughter passing away and all of my childhood traumas. The very best decision I ever made.. Thank you so much Brian and Nick you’re truly my heroes!

  • Anonymous

    Ketamine, simply one of the most useful tools for mental/physical health improvement and for me an honest to god savior of my life. It’s by no means a cure all, you have to work with it but it holds your hand along the way. The anesthetic property being able to unwind/pacify worries that you’ve carried in your life and any that may arise from uncertainty in starting treatment, it’s very accessible for those perhaps not familiar with non-traditional treatments such as these. Brian Hogan and Nicholas Kalynych are two of the kindest men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my life and run an absolutely great clinic. It’s not like going to a doctor’s office, it’s a very casual and loving environment and the people there care for you in a genuine manner. Sunbelt Wellness helped changed my life and I feel I owe a great deal of thanks to Brian and his staff.

  • Zak

    Caring and professional staff. The treatment I received here was truly life changing and I encourage anybody else seeking help to give it a try. When I thought I had nothing else left to lose, Sunbelt’s treatment helped to give me a newfound motivation and appreciation for life and my own well being.

  • Sabrina

    Trust me when I say this Ketamine Infusion Therapy will change your life! I have struggled for over 20 years with bipolar depression and anxiety, both have been pretty severe. Years of medication changes and therapy. Saying that it was an emotional and physical rollercoaster is an understatement. I finished treatment 8 days ago and I feel amazing. To be honest, I feel like a completely different person with a brand new lease on life. I noticed drastic changes at the end of my first week in treatment. My body doesn’t hurt all the time anymore. There’s no heaviness in my chest. I am genuinely laughing. I can and want to get out bed, to leave the house, to talk to people. I have not taken anything for anxiety or to help me sleep since I stated treatment 3 weeks ago. I want to live and am looking forward to what the future has in store for the first time in I don’t even know how long. Happy with the results would be putting it mildly.

    The team at Sunbelt Wellness Institute are amazing, everyone of them. Being in a safe place that embodies TRUE NORTH is not an exaggeration. The kind of care I received from Dr. Hogan, Kelley, David and Nick was a cut above the rest. I am grateful for them more than they could every know, they saved my life. Not only do they care about your experience but they really listen to you and make sure there is no lapse in communication or understanding not just with you as the patient but with everyone who is involved with your care. These guys are the dream team! Not just these 4 but anyone on their team.

    Don’t suffer in silence and even if you are not silent in your suffering do yourself a favor…call Sunbelt Wellness Institute. It’s the first step toward the best decision you will ever make for yourself. There is no time better then the present. You are worth it!

  • Lacey

    I had become medication resistant in treating my depression. It continued to get worse. I was sick of trying medication after medication, just to be disappointed when it didn’t work, again. I decided I needed to do something different. I researched my options and chose Sunbelt Wellness. The staff is wonderful (Hi, Kelly!). The facility is beautiful and clean. They are punctual and accommodating. And most importantly, my depression has improved immensely. I feel better than I did, even when my medication was “working”. The treatments are intense but worth it. I am so glad that I chose ketamine treatments with Sunbelt Wellness.

  • Lynette

    I’ve suffered from treatment resistant depression and PTSD for years. I was treated with Ketamine for a few years in North Carolina where we used to live. It works! We recently moved to the Jacksonville, FL, area and thankfully we discovered Sunbelt Wellness Institute—Dr. Hogan made the transition to his office very easy! Sunbelt is a convenient, comfortable and safe place for treatment and they know what they are doing. Ketamine works when no other treatment does. I go about every 6 weeks for maintenance and it keeps my depression under control. Thank you Dr. Hogan and staff! See you soon!

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