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RestoratIV Wellness & Infusion Center

505 S Lenola Rd, Suite 131

Moorestown, New Jersey, 8057 United States

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  • Ivana Strahija

    Finding a medical provider for depression relief through ketamine therapy was a challenge, after our regular provider decided to no longer be opened on Saturday – or any day after 4.30 pm. It is incredibly inconvenient to have to take a whole day off – for 2 people – just to get a life-saving, medical, treatment on a regular schedule, and we were quite upset. It caused a great deal of anxiety and panic, we were scouring the internet to find not just a reputable provider of ketamine infusions, but also one that would be opened at hours appropriate for employed adults.

    We were over the moon when we found RestoratIV and dr Sam, who not only works on the weekends, but is also incredibly accommodating. We could finally get the ketamine infusion for depression in a safe manner that worked with out schedule!

    An added bonus is dr Sam’s experience with emergency medicine, which extends to his RestoratIV office, where the patient is monitored with state of the art equipment and by knowledgeable staff. The treatment rooms are cozy, clean and well maintained.

    Miss Lauren, who is in charge of scheduling and communicating with patients, is a cheerful, upbeat and pleasant person. She made us feel welcome, and well taken care of, from the start.

    All in all, we would recommend RestoratIV to anyone who needs ketamine infusion therapy – be it for depression, PTSD or pain relief! We can only say: Thank you dr Sam for making it possible for us to manage a horrible debilitating depression through ketamine infusion, on a reasonable schedule!

  • Joellen Meckley

    Dr. Sam and Lauren are great. They put you right at ease and you can tell they truly care. My experience was really positive.

  • Aron Love

    I have no complaints about RestoratIV. The staff is amazing and are always happy, friendly and caring. The Dr. Sam is great. He is very friendly and really seems to love his job and really cares about his patients.

  • Amanda Lewishartley

    I was In town on vacation and they were able to help me and fit me in and work with me around the schedule and they were wonderful I highly recommend them

  • Gabrielle Meckley

    I can’t speak more highly of this place! It is a calm, welcoming, approachable environment to be treated. I have been receiving regular infusions here since April ’19 to treat my OCD, and I am grateful for each one. For me, the treatments help me tolerate triggers that previously would seriously aggravate my anxiety, and helps reduce my general anxiety.

    First, speaking as someone with a fear of needles, every staff member assisting with the infusion will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable from start to finish. There is no place I’d rather get an IV! If you are worried about anxiety or nausea, they offer options to ease the symptoms. The chair you are seated in is very comfortable, and adjusts to your preference, and there are blankets and water readily available for you. You are monitored throughout the entire infusion, and they are always looking for ways to help you be more at ease throughout your treatment.

    Most importantly, there is amazing communication throughout every step of the process. From checking in about dosage, symptoms, Dr. Sam always makes a point to talk with you about the logistics of the treatment, how you’re seeing the effects of treatment, and how to best manage your treatment in the future. He is approachable, extremely patient oriented, and willing to work with you to determine the best options for your treatment. Client Services Manager Lauren makes it easy to schedule appointments, and does her best to make your appointment time work for your schedule whenever possible. She communicates and checks in through text or email as preferred, and always greets you with a smile and wishes for a good day.

    Thank you RestoratIV Wellness!

  • Kelsey Ferro

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Sam and the staff for the last 2 years nearly and they always go above and beyond for their clients. The treatment rooms are exceptionally clean with cozy lazy boy chairs and blankets to make your treatment as comfortable as possible! These treatments have changed my life for the better.

  • Kathleen Barckley

    The doctor and staff are so nice and welcoming. The doctor takes the time to sit with you and gets to know about you and your symptoms. The infusion is made specifically for you and how you explained your symptoms to the doctor. The environment is clean and welcoming. The main thing is that I had severe depression, bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts along with a lot of anxiety. I’ve tried every medication over the past 12+ yrs and nothing seemed to work. Since August 2019 and August 2020 I spent 9 months in the hospital because I was suicidal. I finally got out of the hospital long enough to set up my appointments at RestoratIV. I’ve had 8 infusions already and I feel like a different person. I’m happy. I want to participate in life. I’m smiling instead of crying. My anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts are so so much better. Don’t get me wrong. I still have a psychiatrist and I take medications. I will work closely with my psychiatrist and adjust my meds according to how the ketamine infusions work. I also called them up and they set me up with my first 6 appointments right away. There or prices are very reasonable compared to other places. One last thing. I was in the hospital last Christmas. This Christmas I decorated the tree by myself. My four kids and my husband are glad to have their mother back. Thank you RestoratIV for helping me find hope.

  • Roshni Chasmawala

    Absolutely loved getting my IV treatment here! The space is very nice and relaxing. I had a great experience. The Nurse Practitioners are great and caring. Highly recommend you to try the place! You won’t be disappointed.

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