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Individualized Ketamine Treatment Plans in Phoenix


Ketamine Infusion Centers

3724 N 3rd St, Suite 201

Phoenix, Arizona, 85012 United States

Website: ketamine-infusion.com

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6 Reviews on “Individualized Ketamine Treatment Plans in Phoenix”

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  • Dorothy

    I have been greatly helped by the Ketamine Infusion’s and by the caring and trusted staff at Ketamine Infusion Center. Nicole Smith is Probably the most knowledgeable, trusted and delightfully pleasant Physicians Assistant I’ve ever met in my 71 years. Along with Ramona the relief and hope that I have received is without a doubt the best treatment for my wellbeing and the CRPS. There’s help here for chronic pain patients like myself.

  • Jeff

    Made several visits and felt it helped but it wasn’t “life changing”. The medical staff, mainly Nicole and Ramona were caring and knowledgeable. When I had an insurance problem which was my fault they weren’t so caring. They made huge profits and I had to pay the insurance company back several times the cash price for multiple visits. I’ve tried negotiating but their “hands are tied .

  • Lupe

    I do not normally write reviews but I feel very blessed to find Ketamine Infusion Centers. I first learned of Ketamine from my daughter who was receiving treatment at another facility. She was seeing some amazing results and recommended that I give Ketamine a shot for my depression. I inadvertently called Ketamine Infusion Centers and not the clinic my daughter was going to. The staff was very knowledgeable and kind over the phone and made me feel comfortable right away. This accidental call turned out to be a real blessing as I had come to terms with the cost of the treatment only to find that they accepted my insurance. The process was a little lengthy but saved me a lot of money. During my treatment the staff took very good care of me and made me feel like family. The treatment worked so well for my depression that I have discontinued one of my medications that my psychiatrist felt was no longer necessary. I am grateful for their compassion and care, and since my treatment I am living a completely new lifestyle. Also, my daughter has recently switched clinics as this clinic was able to figure out her insurance needs as well. Thank you again to Ketamine Infusion Centers and I hope that this review helps others make the choice to give Ketamine Infusion a try.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a patient of this clinic for 2 years. I initially went to help for my drug resistant depression. Wasn’t I surprised when I wasn’t depressed anymore! The staff here are so kind and helpful. I cannot stress enough that I am so so happy with the staff, my treatment, and my results! Today I started infusions for my migraines and fibromyalgia. When I got home I was shocked to realize that after 1 infusion my fybro pain had reduced by 80%! So may people suffer with pain and depression. This has been a godsend for me. I am a retired psychotherapist so I am very picky and particular about my care. Thank you everyone at the ketamine clinic for your love and support. I’m feeling great! I give you 10 stars!

  • Chanelle

    Ketamine Infusion Centers and the kind and caring people that work there are a godsend to me. I went from dropping all my college classes and crying everyday to laughing and smiling and enjoying life more, even after just three infusions! Now after the first six infusions I’m back in college and back to making progress my life. I feel better about myself and have more motivation to take care of my responsibilities. Thank you everyone at the center! You guys are amazing! Especially Ramona, she’s a sweetheart!

  • Hunter

    Infusions have made a night and day difference for me after trying 23 different medications and ECT. Also, the staff are kind, knowledgable, and all around fantastic.

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